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Today, more people are watching the screen or mobile phone than those who are watching TV, newspapers, or billboards. If your site is not yet on the first page of Google, rest assured that your competitors will benefit greatly from this

Being at the top 4 or 5 of the Google homepage can not only increase your number of visitors and help you attract new contacts but also increase the brand credibility of your organization or company.

Placing the site on the first page of Google also has a positive effect on branding. In this way, the contacts will search your name on Google for more information when they hear your company name. In addition, it can have a huge impact on your audience.

There are two general ways to appear on the first page of Google :

  • Optimization or so-called SEO
  • Use Google ads

Join us to explore these two issues further:

List of hidden titles

1) SEO definition2) What are Google Ads?

3) How to get your site to the first page of Google?

3.1) Use unique keywords on site pages

3.2) Site speed3.3) External links to reputable websites

3.4) Valuable and exclusive content

3.5) Mobile site optimization

3.6) Site usability

3.7) Backlink factors

4) The benefits of being on the first page of Google

4.1) 1- The importance of long-term success and rapid achievement of results in the short term

4.2) 2- Better brand visibility

4.3) 3- Improving credibility

4.4) 4- Higher click rate

5) The final letter


You may have heard this definition many times, but let us define it one more time. In the past, SEO meant site optimization for search engines, but today it can be called user optimization. SEO consists of a set of techniques and skills that increase the site’s ranking in the desired keywords, increase traffic, and attract visitors. Some of these skills have been acquired by trial and error by SEO experts, and some are directly set by Google.


If your website is newly launched or not optimized, your users will not see it. In this way, you will not receive a click that will lead to a purchase. We recommend that you boost your SEO, but this is a long process. So start your Google ads with this activity.

This can put your site even higher than the first Google result. So if a user searches for your keywords, they will face ads and your chances of attracting customers will increase. For every click you get from your ad results, your campaign costs are reduced, which can vary depending on the amount of competition. (Usually, with 4 or 5 cents you can be higher than the first rank).


Getting your site to the first page of Google with optimization and SEO is a big challenge. Here’s how to do it, so stay tuned.

Google has 200 factors for page rank. But you do not have to follow all of them to reach this important rank. We mention some of them.


If you have a popular site with millions of clicks, you have lost the competition without using keywords on the site pages. Note that the keyword must be relevant to the content of the page. Unfortunately, many sites try to deceive users by using Click Bait. Google also penalizes these websites.

Real example: Do not use just one keyword to produce content and be sure to consider synonymous expressions. For example, in a 1500 word text, use the keyword or its synonym 6 or 7 times. My point is to use the right keyword. Do not repeat the word so much, or so little that the Google buyer does not notice the main phrase of the page.


Both Google and Bing search engines use site speed as a ranking factor. Search engine crawlers check the speed of your site based on HTML code. But slow loading of site pages does not always reduce your ranking, and this factor depends on user behavior.

Real example: Digitala website fully loads after 22 seconds. Some users may go to other websites, but due to the branding that has been done, internet users are waiting for the page to load completely. (But we recommend to increase the speed of the site pages as much as possible for the convenience of the user).


Many SEOs believe that linking to reputable sites will gain Google’s trust. Search Engine Land also supports this issue in its article.

Real example: When producing content, it is better to link to a reputable site or reference to help text readers. Make sure the website is relevant to your business and the topic of your article. If this site is in Persian, how much better, if not; You have many wonderful English language options.


To reach the first page of Google, you need to produce custom content. To do this, you need to be an expert in your business. But if you do not have this professional expertise, do not copy the articles exactly; Read them, and then create your own unique content based on what you have learned. Rest assured that this method is better than re-introducing the page that is indexed in Google.

Real example: Google explicitly states in an article that it will penalize sites that do not add new or useful information to their results. So, if you want to get angry with Google, keep copying articles.


You probably already know that more than 50% of Google searches are done by mobile devices. Google expects you to optimize your web pages for mobile, which is also called a “responsive” site.

Why is mobile so important to Google? The answer is simple. When you hear a new word and need to learn something, pick up your phone, and do a Google search for that phrase. So pages that are optimized for desktop only do not give you a happy search experience.


A site that does not provide easy usability for the user may directly damage the ranking of their results. It also reduces user retention time on the page, reduces page views, and increases bounce rate or bounce rate. Make sure that important parts of the site are made available to users.

Real example: Consider a site that does not have special access to your menu and even access to its blog is impossible. You answer the question, why should Google display this website in its first page results?


Nowadays, backlinks have become the main concern of SEOs and they want to provide links for themselves in any way. But they do not consider everything. 46 out of 200 Google ranking factors are related to backlinks. These include the domain life and credibility of the linking site and..

Real example: If you sell motorcycle accessories, it is best not to back up a tourism or immigration site. My point is to get links from related sites in or near your business. The number of links does not matter; Its quality and credibility are important.

Not all factors that put a website on the first page of Google can be included in this article; So I recommend reading the 200 Google Facts written by “ Brian Dean — SEO Genius “.


Inbound marketers prefer Google rankings to anything else in the field. This is one of the valid criteria that strengthens the influence of other elements in this field. By appearing on the first page of Google, people will know more about the brand, clicks will increase, and it will be possible for other benefits to flow to the brand.

Some of these benefits may show up immediately, while others may take some time. The company’s reputation always depends on Google rankings; However, getting to the right place on the first page of Google is a task that everyone decides for themselves.

To get on the first page of Google, you need to optimize your site; But not only for the search engine but also for the user. The structure of this work is organized based on the keyword strategy and how they are used among the headings, headings, and descriptions in the paragraph.

An important issue to pay special attention to is the content. How much content to produce? What references to use? Does the content include multimedia tools such as images and videos?

All these active parts are involved in a big project. Google bots are constantly monitoring and ranking sites in every field, making SEO a top priority for an organization looking to attract more people.

In a world where more than 3.5 billion queries and searches are done daily, and most of these searches are with Google, it is essential that this search engine works as high quality as possible. Yahoo, Apple, and Bing are constantly evolving, but there are differences between them and Google because Google has a 70% market share. Of course, this statistic is above 95% for the USA.

While Google rankings for a website may seem unattainable, having a place on the first page of Google search can be a logical and accessible goal. The benefits of such a position in Google are numerous. Here are 4 of the best benefits of being seen on the first page of Google:


Search engine marketing (SEM) can be viewed in two different ways:

  • Advertising (PPC)
  • Organic (SEO)

Every company that starts a business on the web should have plenty of space for both. Spending on Google AdWords can put you at the top of Google search results in the fastest possible time and increase targeted clicks and fast returns.

In some areas of competition, the cost of Google advertising is very high. This means improving your organic search engine rankings (SERP) is a more cost-effective way for your company to get online results; Although time-consuming.

Appearances in Google organic search results are more popular than Google click ads and usually have higher click-through rates.

If a company has a lot of resources and wants immediate results, PPC (pay per click) should be a priority. Search results will be seen within 24–48 hours using this tactic and your site will immediately appear in the search results of the keywords you want.

Websites that prefer Google ads to SEO are happy with the benefits of getting fast results. With Google Advertising, start-ups can also be seen quickly on the first page of Google.

By investing in SEO in the long run, more valuable results can be achieved. SEO can be a better way to publish content to your target audience, as your website will be displayed on the first page of relevant search results after each new article is published.

Investing in a paid advertising campaign can be very rewarding for businesses in the short term, but Google Ads campaigns need to be optimized to run at a cost-effective cost. Nevertheless, the organic results:

  1. It is much more economical in the long run
  2. It takes longer for your site to be on the first page of Google search results. For example, 6 months to 5 years and more.


Appearance on the first page of Google is summarized as invisibility. If you do a search on Google for a specific industry, you will find that Google search engine can list the details of the most famous brands in this field, these brands are not only well known but also reputable. Search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on the issue of brand awareness and awareness.

A higher ranking from Google’s point of view means more credibility that Google gives to that site. Depending on the ranking of sites in different searches, you can comment on the number of visits to each. The higher the results, the more visitors you get.

However, what has been said about brand visibility varies greatly depending on exactly where your site is on the first page of Google. Your site looks great in the first 10 results, But this should be considered as the first step. Thus, there is a bigger goal in mind because these numbers are so different.


In the field of SEO, there is a science and method for ranking sites. However, it is the intangible quality that is created when the site is seen on the first page of Google and becomes a psychological game that plays a role in the reputation and results of visiting the site.

Consider a Google search in which we try to find an “SEO consultant in Tehran”. Google provides a list of results that are among the best web pages from Google’s point of view. At the top and bottom of the organic search results, you can also see Google ads marked with an AD or ad.

As we all know, Google front-page ads are well-known companies that all offer similar services to their expected customers, however, it is natural for every Google user to focus entirely only on the top results in organic searches.

Of course, most people are not familiar with advertising on Google, and thus the list of advertising results that are at the top of the organic results is considered more credible for these people.

In recent years, Google has tried to make advertising results more similar to organic results, to increase the click-through rate of Google ads. (As a result, Google’s revenue goes up.)

Well, with all that said, finally, we want to say that being seen higher in Google search results can help increase your brand credibility.


More to be seen on Google is simple; You can get more clicks through Google. Most likely the user clicks on the search results at the top of the page. Visitors who come to your site from Google search results are more valuable because they entered your site by searching for the name of the product or service you offer.

Visitors are probably looking to order the product. People who usually come to your site from Google are almost four times more likely to stay on your site than other users.


There are several benefits to being seen on the first page of a Google search. Implementing a smart SEO strategy and smart use of Google ads will make your brand more visible.

SEO costs are kept under control and you do not have to pay for every click on your ads. With Google ads, you do not have to wait months and years to get to the first page of Google. Traffic from Google to your site is more valuable, allowing visitors to spend more time on your site, exploring more pages of your site, and increasing the likelihood of direct purchases.

Being on the first page of Google will increase the reputation and credibility of your site, and targeted traffic that converts. Organizations spend thousands of dollars to reach a goal on Google that gives them credit. Of course, being alone on the first page of Google does not increase your reputation and you should try to get the satisfaction of your customers and ultimately enjoy this satisfaction.

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