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3 min readDec 24, 2021

After sending the email, you need to make sure it is opened by your subscribers. We must do our best to increase the rate of email reopening. The higher the rate, the more successful email marketing will be.

The reopening rate is the ratio of the number of people who open the email to the total number of recipients of the email and can show how much your subscribers are paying attention to the content of the emails you send them. You often send emails to customers who want to be informed about your new products or services, but often your emails are lost in their inbox or sent to the spam folder and in the end, no one clicks on them. Slowly Here are 19 tips to help you improve your email marketing click-through rate and attract potential customers.

1. Follow the CAN-SPAM rules

Elimination of spam (the ability of customers to unsubscribe) is a law passed in 2003. Elimination of spam sets rules for emails and promotional messages gives email recipients the ability to unsubscribe and imposes penalties for those who do not. Your promotional email must also follow these rules. (Explanations of these rules are available on the FTC website)

important points:

  • You must also provide your valid mailing address in each email.
  • You must provide your recipient with the option to unsubscribe (such as unsubscribe) so that they can use this option for every email you send them.
  • You must use language (the “from”, “to” and “reply to” sections in the email must be specified) that reflect your identity.
  • You cannot move your contacts’ email addresses to another list.
  • You should not personally interpret the recommendations in this article. You can use the FTC website for more information. Use this article to increase the click-through rate of your emails.

If your company or brand is registered in the minds of your potential customers, you can make the most of this golden opportunity. When you email your new audience within 24 hours of subscribing to the newsletter or subscribing to the website, you are actually attracting them to your company, and sending an email is also a good opportunity to brand and chart your company’s future developments.

If your emails did not have automatic settings before, you have lost the chance to attract an audience. (HubSpot Clients: Use the HubSpot app to create personalized emails and auto-settings. There are different ways to trap your audience: When a contact is added to your list, they fill out a form on your website. Clicks on a link (in an email), sees a page on your blog, clicks on one of your Ads ads, or becomes a regular customer.)

If you send emails to your recipients from a real person, your email clicks will increase. According to research, recipients trust the personal sender’s email address more than a brand. Your spammers’ folder is full these days, and they are reluctant to open anonymous emails. At HubSpot, we found that emails sent by Maggie Georgieva to recipients performed better, with higher click-through rates than emails sent by the HubSpot brand. Look at these examples…

- Sender Name: Paul Smith

Sender email address:

This email is better than the business email you see below…

- Sender Name: Targeted E-Mail Marketing Team

Sender email address:

Note: Research shows that it is also useful if the sender’s name is a combination of a person’s name and a company name. A / B testing is also useful for promoting your company, brand, and industry.

Email readers, such as the iPhone Mail app, Gmail, and Outlook, will show the first few lines of your email text (from subject to main content). In other words, the text of an email is its internal content. The amount of text (email) that email readers show depends on the type of email reader and user preferences, so write the email text concisely and accurately and consider the number of letters to be 50 characters or less.

If you do not set the email text, customers will not automatically see the original content of your email, which will not only make your email look irregular, but you will also miss the opportunity to reach your audience.

It will be very useful for effective use of email, SMS, and… participation in the specialized E-CRM course.

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