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6 min readDec 18, 2019

Social media traffic marketing is the best way to increase user engagement and brand image. In this article, we offer tips and techniques to attract more users and increase their engagement on Facebook in order to achieve higher marketing efficiency in this context.

Facebook as the largest social network present (at the time of this release) is the place to apply very strong marketing strategies by many popular brands, however, alongside this powerful marketing, there are always We are also the weak ones that can easily ruin a brand’s image.

The biggest challenge in Facebook marketing may be:

How to engage users with a post?

Users cannot be expected to visit the Facebook page surrounded by information and advertising on a daily basis.

So there is definitely something special to draw users’ attention to Facebook pages.

How can users get the most interaction possible through each post on Facebook?

Which users’ minds are worthless and which ones are useful?

Here are 10 tips to get more interaction and improve Facebook marketing:


Most people are very interested in competitions in that they are often looking for competitions that they are able to attend. Organizing competitions and awarding valuable and exquisite prizes is a great way to get more traffic to your Facebook pages. The tournament in addition to increasing page traffic and the number of flyers also enhances the interaction of current users.

(Note: By this, we mean Facebook pages are actually Facebook pages, not the posts that are posted to your Facebook account. Note that the Facebook account differs from Facebook pages; in fact, you are a Facebook account first. Then create a Facebook page) In order to hold competitions on Facebook, users must be asked to do something, such as entering a contest, one of the following: tagging a friend, commenting, sharing a post, etc.

In the competition process, you will see that many users will be repeatedly referring to the Facebook page (increasing Real Human website traffic) to know the names of the winners. Many new fans will also join the page’s followers (we are talking about pages that users can follow, not an account that users can request for a Friend).

Investing in Facebook advertising

Even if the quality of a page’s postings is excellent and the timing is good for publishing posts, they will not always see a large number of targeted audiences.

Fortunately, with the help of Facebook ads and buy Facebook traffic their methods of publishing, one can expose one content to all the followers as well as obtain new ones.

Ask questions

Want to know more about your target audience?

You can rely on a variety of data and sources to obtain this information. Alongside these resources, face-to-face and direct communication can also be very helpful.

Why not ask them questions directly about the customers themselves? So it is better to act a little bolder and ask our questions directly. For example:

“What do they expect from the brand and what changes and improvements do they want to see?”

Facebook is a great platform to discover the answers to these questions. Asking questions engages users and is eager to interact as it encourages them to talk about themselves and their interests.

Call to action

Posting quality content will always make a difference to a Facebook page, but you can’t expect high engagement and relevance if the content is not accompanied by a “request for action”.

“Request for Action” is simply a request to interact with users in simple language.

For example, ask users to like, post, or comment on a post …Users always need such incentives to engage with posts and engage.

Improving visual quality

A related image can have far more interaction than a great text because human beings are visual.

Here are some very interesting statistics: In 2019, at least 51% of B2B marketers place visual content at the forefront of their marketing, while B2C marketers are even more concerned with visual content. Do not forget the cover image and profile picture is very important. These images can convey information about your brand in an attractive way. Also, you should never neglect the quality of the images and videos you send.

Investigate competitors

How can you outperform your competitors?

Review what they offer and provide more creative and valuable content. When you compete with many brands you will have no other choice:

Either adapt to the situation and strive for marketing improvement or accept failure!

What do business competitors do to succeed?

The purpose of these reviews is not to duplicate their strategies and actions, but to gain insights that help improve approaches and prevent many potential errors. Simply put, an effective way to improve performance over other brands is to observe their errors and prevent duplication. Traditionists have long said that experience is an experience of error.

Capture traffic from other channels

Social media marketing strategies are certainly not limited to Facebook, and for active presence on other social media (such as LinkedIn Twitter , Instagram , Telegram , etc.) you should also try to get a lot of traffic from you. Directed to the media to Facebook. All you need to do is to redirect users from other media to your Facebook page. Include a link to your Facebook page in the profile description section.

What better if the link shared the most important posts published on Facebook in those media.

If the value and usefulness of Facebook content is proven to users of other social media, they will be eager to brand the phallus in Facebook.

Content template testing

To make your content more engaging, images and videos have to be covered in updates and content, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to more engagement! You need to share updates on different types of content to increase interaction with Facebook users. Instead of sharing a video from another source, why aren’t page managers turning words, words and content into a video?! This means creating a new format of content and not sharing video and images that have been copied from other sources and possibly repeatedly viewed on other pages.

Post Frequency!

Many experienced Facebook marketers believe that “more posts will not lead to more engagement”, but this view is not necessarily correct! In the past, “posting 2 posts a day” was known as a golden rule, but only if a very large audience and attendees are available.

According to research by one of the digital marketers in the smaller audience community, posting 2 posts a day results in a 50% reduction in user interaction. Basically choosing the right method is one of the most important parts of marketing and this method will determine the number of posts per day.

If you find your audience is interested in your content and you have more data to share and submit, keep posting regularly. But if you feel that you haven’t been able to get the amount of interaction you expect, try to improve the quality of the posts before increasing the number of posts and focusing on the number of posts per day.Although Facebook is available 24 hours a day, new posts cannot and should not be posted at any time and expect users to receive high engagement! Proper timing plays a very important role in enhancing user interactions.

For more interaction, you need to share and send content when most of your target audience is on Facebook.

For example, if your target audience is employees aged 30–40, you probably won’t be able to post late at night, early in the morning, and during office hours.

The best time to post on social media for each business varies, but you can find the best time to post posts by reading reviews and testing the flyers. Post posts at different times of the day and check to see what interactions you’ve received most from your target audience during the day? For example, what was the most liked or most commented time of day or night?


Difficult to communicate and interact with users. Encouraging people to like or buy social traffic comment, share, and so on is not an easy task, and to achieve this requires a constant active presence and a high quality of presence on FacebookTop of Form. For the latest content on the site, we suggest subscribing to the newsletter



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