Monitoring Your Pop Ad Campaigns Performance

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2 min readOct 24, 2022

You could track all visitors in your Google Analytics dashboard if you checked the Google Analytics support box when ordering.

Please contact our support team if you are having problems with GA registering visitors.

You can still see the performance of your ads using our in-house dashboard or and if GA isn’t enabled on your campaign. If this is an issue for you or your marketing department, please do not place an order with our network.

Is Google Analytics Able To Track Pop-Ups?

Google Tag Manager can be used to track pop-up events in Google Analytics, and it can be as simple to set up as any other event.

How Can I Monitor My Google Analytics Campaign?

You must build a custom campaign URL with UTM codes to track your marketing initiatives. Go to Insights “ Tools and then click the URL Builder tab.

Include your firm’s website URL and other campaign information in the URL builder. All fields aside from the Website URL and Campaign Source are optional.

GTM Element Visibility, How Do You Use It?

An HTML element’s visibility in a web browser’s viewport is referred to as ‘visibility’ in the ‘element visibility trigger’. An ‘element visibility trigger’ refers to the GTM trigger that is fired when an HTML element becomes visible in a viewport.

If your (URL Tracker) statistics do not match your visitor numbers, please contact support to have your account reviewed.

If you require more than half a million Google Analytics visitors, you should check out our self-serve traffic generation platform, which is found here.

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