Mobile Marketing Trends for late 2020, early 2021


Any marketing activity that is managed through the Internet and customers are constantly connected to it using a personal mobile device. In Wikipedia, mobile marketing means marketing by or inside the device.

Another expert has come up with this definition: Mobile marketing as an advertising activity designed to be presented on mobile phones, smartphones, and other mobile devices, usually as part of a multi-channel campaign.

Mobile phones are changing the way interactions your target audience and customers have with your brand. People visit your website on their phones, open your emails on smartphones, and make purchases from your store over their phones.

Putting your business right where your customers are — actively — is all about Mobile Marketing. Any marketing plan today that ignores mobile marketing is a failure.


Why is mobile marketing important today? You may not be fully aware, but let us explore some of the reasons for the increased attention to this issue:


When access to contact is a concern, there is nothing easier than getting a mobile phone to reach the desired audience. 79% of smartphone users report that their mobile phone is the first thing they check every morning and keep their phone close to them during the day.

But that is not all. On average, a cell phone user spends 90 minutes a day on their phone, while US consumers spend 220 minutes a day on their phones. This average time is increasing. There is no other simple way to reach your consumers. You can access them anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy. Mobile marketing trends reach places that other marketing channels simply cannot. So, you can come up with a new application idea. Today, even Google is changing its strategy and evaluating the page ranking criteria based on mobile compatibility.


A mobile phone is a personal device. According to a research study, 91% of mobile phone users put their phones within one step of access during the day.

When you connect with your customers via mobile, your brand is in the same category as the user’s friends and family. People communicate better with the brands they interact with one by one, and there is nothing better than a mobile phone to build that personal connection.


If you had to send a quick message to your customers, what kind of media would you choose? Research shows that 90% of text messages are read in less than three minutes, while another study found that the rate of reading text messages is 98%. In addition to having significant access, mobile marketing can deliver messages quickly. Unlike targeted email marketing where the response rate is only 6%, text messages have an exceptional response rate of 45%.

Text messages are delivered instantly, read immediately, and bring unique results to brands.


Mobile marketing works just like any other type of marketing. There is only one difference — your customers use their mobile phones to find and access your business.

In short, you enable the target, connect, and communicate with them using their mobile devices.

Nowadays, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles are emerging devices that people use to connect to the Internet. In fact, 80% of Internet users use smartphones. Your customers are already on mobile, so you need to be there. If you do not put your brand in front of their eyes through their mobile phones, your competitors will do it. (As you read this, most of your competitors are using mobile marketing).

So, let’s take a brief look at how mobile marketing works:

  • Develop a Mobile Marketing Strategy (Discussed Below)
  • Choose the type of mobile marketing based on your business goals and strategy (discussed below)
  • Tracking, analyzing, and screwing up strategies to improve Conversion Rate.


Mobile marketing includes a complete set of activities related to business strategy and overall marketing strategy. Mobile marketing does not always work the same for all businesses.

Here are the steps brands need to take to create mobile marketing:

  • Define goals for mobile marketing
  • Define the target audience and the mobile market
  • Mobile phone use
  • Integration

With a destination, a goal begins. You cannot find anything else.

Do you want to collect mobile contacts? Do you want to have a mobile advertising campaign? Are you planning to send your coupons via text to your audience to increase sales in certain geographical locations? Is your goal to increase app installation?


The target market and target audience for your mobile marketing campaign can be the same or completely different from the target audience of your business.

Question: How can it be said that it is the same or different?


  • With research.

The simplest strategy is to develop your buyer persona. Use questions, polls, and interviews and actually create a role for them.

Google Analytics and Alexa Account are two good tools to get started on gathering information about your customers.


If your mobile website is not responsive, get started now.


Because when you reach your target audience via mobile phone, they will probably visit your website before doing anything.

Not having a mobile-optimized website means you are wasting your money and losing customers. You may even annoy your audience. This is exactly what experts share with their clients:

  • Optimize your site for mobile users before you start advertising on Google.

More than 57% of customers do not recommend a website to others if they have a bad experience with it. Do you want to annoy your potential buyers, or do you want to serve them?

A Responsive mobile website is not necessary for your mobile strategy, but it has several benefits such as improving your site SEO, reducing site load time, better user engagement, and more.

Before starting any mobile marketing strategy, such as SMS marketing or mobile advertising, you should optimize your website for mobile phones and your site should be displayed perfectly on all devices.


What do you think about running a click-through advertising campaign for mobile users?

This type of advertising can be used for various purposes:

A mobile search ad campaign can be set up from a click-through network such as Google Ads or Bings Ads. If you plan to run this type of advertising campaign, you have to choose mobile ads specifically. You can open a special account with the help of G-Ads experts to start mobile ads.

Research shows that 68% of users get their desired route through mobile search (which can be related to a company, store, repair shop or any other business).

A mobile advertising campaign can make the most of sharing your phone number with potential customers contacting your business.


An in-game mobile ad is displayed in mobile games at the start of the game or while playing (mobile game). An in-game mobile ad can be a banner ad, a video ad, or a full-page banner ad.

The global gaming market is $ 86.1 billion. Gamers love to spend money on games.

Mobile ads while playing are not for everyone. This type of advertising is not beneficial for all businesses, so before launching your advertising campaign, make sure that it will be useful for you through a free consultation with G-Eds experts. In general, for in-game advertising to be effective for you, your product or brand must be relevant to the game or players.

These ads can be used to raise brand awareness. Showing your brand several times, a day will help your target audience remember you.

You have to be smart with in-game mobile ads, otherwise, in addition to wasting advertising budgets, it can have a negative impact on your brand.


QR codes are still mysterious, due to the fact that the user who scans the QR code from a mobile phone does not know where the code will lead him. A rapid response code (QR) is a type of matrix barcode that combines numbers, bytes, alphabets, and kanji. QR barcode is used to store data. When a user scans a QR code through a mobile camera, the code is scanned and translated into a URL, directing the user to the designed website.

Users do not know where the code leads them, and this is why it encrypts the code. They must trust the QR code description.

Despite the mystery, they are popular among the people. IOS users around the world use QR codes without hesitation. When users scan a QR code to get a discount code, referring them to your website to increase traffic is not a good idea at all. More than 87% of people scan the QR code to receive a coupon.

There are many sites for creating QR code online, which you can visit to create QR code.


A banner ad appears on websites while the user is browsing on their mobile device. These ads are similar to the ads you see on Google partner sites (Display Network).

Google Ads is the largest ad network that allows you to set up and run mobile banner ads. The cost of Google banner advertising, while increasing every year (due to its increasing use), is still one of the most cost-effective types of online advertising. Mobile banner advertising is one of the leading targeted mobile traffic marketing techniques that businesses prefer and still use to this day. marketing should be that it leads to better customer engagement, higher returns, and a better return on investment (ROI).

That’s logical, right?

No one will appreciate your SMS if they do not know you, your brand, or will never allow you to send messages. When you are allowed to contact a customer, this is the point where you will receive a better response.

This is a two-step process:

  1. Get satisfaction
  2. Database management

Geo-fencing is a feature that uses GPS to define and track geographical boundaries. Geofence is a radius or area created by us around a specific place, such as near a store or a school.

The four circles in the image below represent four different geo-fences.

This technology is used in location-based marketing, in which a predefined message, ad, or suggestion is delivered to the user as soon as a person enters a geo-fence. Geofence has several benefits such as increased sales, customer loyalty, and brand awareness. This is one of the best mobile marketing strategies that improve user engagement and helps build long-term relationships with customers.

Create an application for your business.


Another important point in mobile marketing is rooted in updating shared information. Regularly updating shared information is critical to effective and targeted mobile marketing. When an advertiser uses a call or location plugin, it increases the average CTR by 6 to 8 percent. All statistics and numbers indicate that you should use this plugin for Google ads on mobile.

A simple text message asking them to share their location or the types of offers they want to receive will help you update your customer information.

Posting irrelevant suggestions is a bad idea. 86% of customers reported that it would be helpful to receive relevant and personalized offers when shopping in-store. Your customers expect a lot from you. They want nothing more than personal offers. It feels good when someone can read your mind.


Google Ads ad plugins add more information about your business to ads. Provides more information than the ad text. These plugins highlight your ad in mobile search results.

There are two types of Google Ads plugins for mobile:

  1. Automated
  2. Manual

Google Ads plugins are automatically added, and you do not need to do anything. You need to add your own promotional plugins.

Here are the different types of mobile ad plugins that need to be added manually to the Google Ads platform:

  1. Call extension
  2. Mobile app extension
  3. Offer extension
  4. Site links extension
  5. Location extension

Contact plugin: This plugin, which is displayed in Google ads on mobile, adds your phone number to the ads by clicking. Users can contact you immediately by clicking on the number. This plugin is useful for creating tips and instant sales.

  • Application plugin: This mobile plugin is similar to the call plugin. With this plugin, you can send interested people to the download page of your application on Google Play or the App Store.

With this plugin you can only refer users to the application page. You cannot provide other downloadable items such as PDF files through this plugin. This is best done for brands with proprietary applications. If you want to increase the installation of your application, this plugin can be a good option.

According to Google’s mobile advertising blog:

The application plug-in provides advertisers and digital marketing with a new distribution channel to provide applications to users.

  • Suggestion plugin: This is one of my favorite plugins. This plugin allows advertisers to attach an offer to their ad. The offer is displayed below the ad. Offers can include coupons and immediate discounts.

With the location plugin (discussed below), it can have amazing performance. For example, you can offer a special discount to customers close to one of your stores. The ad forces people to visit your store to take advantage of the discount!

Increasing sales does not just happen by adding a promotion plugin. You need to target the right people at the right time with the right offer.

  • Link site plugin: With the help of this Google Ads advertising plugin, you can add multi-page links from your site to your ads. Users can choose between the site links and the main link of the ad and click on the link of the pages they want.

Try adding different links to your ad campaigns. Google tries to make the sites more attractive to users. After a while, you can check the weak sites and edit them and replace them with other sites.

  • Location plugin: More than 40% of searches in Google mobile ads are related to local information. For this purpose, using the location plugin can be very useful.

By adding the app plugin to Google Mobile Ads, you can see a 6% increase in the CTR of your advertising campaigns.


Having access to the right mobile marketing tools helps you get everything done at the right time. Here is a list of some of the best mobile marketing tools:



Make sure they are connected to your business when they are not asleep. You put your brand story where they are. Isn’t that great? Now that you know who to Buy Mobile Traffic For Your Site and what it does, I’m sure you will use it to grow your business. is not it?




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