Learn More: 60 Ways To Promote Your Business Online For Free

I want to advertise on the internet, but I do not know! I hit the Instagram page, but my followers do not buy at all! I do not even know the advertising methods of my new shop! I do not know at all how to advertise an Internet business?

So, I suggest you stay with us until the end of this article. Because in this article, all the useful and basic solutions for the prosperity of your business and the recognition of your products and services are mentioned. Advertising an online business is not an easy task despite having a lot of competitors and online businesses.

In the continuation of this article, you will read:

  1. Create A Brand And Logo
  2. Build A Website
  3. Show Business Professionals
  4. Interact With Google
  5. Distribution Of Promotional Goods
  6. Check Online SEO
  7. Build An Application for Mobile
  8. Socializing On Social Networks
  9. Build Email Lists
  10. Authentic Email Marketing Campaign
  11. Add A Contact To The CTA Email Button
  12. Comments And Reviews Section
  13. Launch A Blog
  14. Business Directories
  15. Advertising
  16. Google Ads
  17. Reuse Content
  18. Search Engine Optimization
  19. Boost Conversion Rates
  20. Outdoor Advertising
  21. Use Of Cars And Vehicles
  22. Use Videos And Videos
  23. Use Of Affiliated Companies
  24. Join Forums
  25. Partner With Other Jobs
  26. Free Consultation
  27. Word Of Mouth Ads
  28. Holding The Course
  29. Award To Local Fundraiser
  30. Speech At The Event
  31. Put Business In Online Markets
  32. Holding A Contest
  33. Corporate Social Responsibility
  34. Hosting And Holding Competitions
  35. Use Your Own Products
  36. Talk About Your Business
  37. Contact A Local Newspaper
  38. Participate In Commercial Festivals
  39. Communicate
  40. Comment On Related Blogs
  41. Guest Blog
  42. Attending Exhibitions
  43. Attend TV And Podcasts
  44. Facebook Ads
  45. Use The Influence Of Instagram Users
  46. Earn Credit On Trust pilot And Yelp
  47. Set Up Google Alerts
  48. Loyal Customers Plan
  49. Please Give A Discount
  50. Provide Better Customer Service
  51. Open House Hosting
  52. Re-Create Interest In Customers
  53. Use The Popular Pinterest Network
  54. Sponsor An Event Or Sports Team
  55. Hosting A Webinar
  56. Social Networking Contest
  57. Create Interesting And Engaging Content
  58. Make A Podcast
  59. Hiring A Marketing Consultant
  60. Do Not Send Spam

· Create A Brand And Logo

Do not think that because we have brought this issue at the beginning of the article, it must be very simple and trivial. not at all!! One of your main goals is to determine the right brand and logo to facilitate the development of your business nationally and internationally. In addition, you will gain more credibility and your advertising will be much easier.

So choose a brand and name that falls on the tongues from the beginning and does not need to be changed; Show the value of your business and of course not too long. You can get help from brand and logo design companies. But professional companies can be expensive. There are also companies with more reasonable prices that choose the right logos and letters for your business. Later, as you grow your business, choose a better logo or make a slight change to your current logo. What matters is the credit you get for your business.

Build A Website And Advertise Your Internet Business

Setting up a website is relatively easy and of course a little expensive. Make sure your website is attractive, easy to use, easy to access, and mobile-friendly; In this case, you look more professional. You can use services with ready-made templates for the website that have the features of lead generation, free logo and.

Of course, you may prefer to have more control over your site. In this case, it is better to hire a professional team for your organization. You can use WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world, which is available for free. With a wide selection of themes in WordPress, anyone can easily design a fully functional and professional site. The total cost of a site varies depending on the type of design and its function. In addition, before marketing your website through various online channels, it is best to make sure that the metadata is accurate and that you follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Do not forget to inform everyone about your website address in different ways. For example, if you are booking a place at a trade show, send your team to the show with clothes with your logo, phone number, and website details. You can even paint the company car with your business logo and write your contact details and website address on it.

Show Your Business Professionally

So far, you have your brand, logo, and business. There are several things you need to do to get it to your customers and build strong relationships. For example, print a professional business card, order letterhead, and envelope, and have your own company stamp. Be sure to print your website address on the business card, at the bottom of the emails, on all out-of-office physical advertising, such as banners and tracts. The best way to advertise is to create mental imagery.

Distribute Promotional Items

Use free bonuses and small samples if you want to do your business advertising offline. This is an effective way to promote your online business. Statistics from the British Commodity Advertising Association (BPMA) show that more than 79% of respondents feel happy when they receive a promotional gift. For example, you can give air fresheners, luxury pens or funny glasses as a gift.

Of course, the usefulness of a promotional product is one of the most important factors that encourage customers to keep it. So be sure to research the best and most useful items for your brand and audience. Do not forget that disposable plastics and other items that easily fit in the trash are not suitable and upset customers who care about the environment. Conversely, items such as travel mugs, mugs with a funny design, or small bags are good choices. However, you should choose items that are useful and can be used frequently. In this case, customers will remember your brand by seeing them and will be more likely to buy from you.

Check Your Online SEO Company

TargetedWebTraffic.com in SEO stands for name, address, and phone number. This is a vital factor in ranking well in organic search results. Google considers your contact information when determining results for local and geographic searches. If you put your company in Google My Business, make sure the details and information are correct and consistent with your other listings.

Creating A Mobile App Is One Of The Best Ways To Advertise Effectively

An effective online ad does not end with just a website and optimizing it for mobile. Companies that have mobile apps and apps are far ahead of the rest and do a better job. These apps are more accessible and accessible to your audience, and they remind you quickly. They also engage you with the customer and turn them into loyal lovers of your product or service!

Socialize On Social Media And Promote Your Internet Business

Needless to say, presence and activity on social networks such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or Instagram is very important. When setting up your business profile on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Instagram, give a good description, write a professional bio and use relevant keywords. Also, enter your website link. Join groups and discussions that talk about your products or services or create such groups yourself. Of course, be careful not to annoy your audience with constant advertising of your products and services and do not damage your reputation.

You can create pages related to your business on Facebook, Instagram, and و and post pictures, videos, offers, contests, and interesting events in them. Try to use your potential and loyal customers instead of promoting your product and presenting it as perfect. The LinkedIn space is perfect for finding your industry and business professionals. Do not forget to hit the YouTube channel. Especially if you can produce compelling videos and get great views and make money directly from them. Don’t forget to focus on marketing on Instagram. This network is very popular in our country and is probably the best method of advertising in Iran.

Make An Email List From Day One

Do not underestimate the email marketing campaign and be sure to use it. Many small businesses are unaware of the benefits of email marketing and cannot use their website or blog to grow their email list. A simple registration form on the website is a good way to get users’ emails and can have great results. This way you will both find useful information about your customers and gather a rich list of users who want to receive your emails.

A reputable email marketing campaign is one of the most effective advertising methods in your business

Once you have received your email list, start sending attractive and engaging emails to your contacts, leads, and customers. Your emails should have interesting text and design to attract customers to your landing page. Be sure to use the right tools for your email marketing campaign, as well as communication channels such as push notifications and text messages.

Add the contact to the CTA button of your emails

We all receive emails every day. We open our emails on mobile phones, home laptops, and work on computers, and sometimes we are indifferent to them! But what if our customers are not indifferent to our emails and do not get lost and read them among hundreds of other emails? Well, all we want is a click. This means that customers open the email, click on the site link and enter the online store or call you. This is the call to action button. You can place large, brightly colored buttons on your emails for people to click on. Offer the button, answer the questions, and discounts button in different colors.

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Put The Comments Section On The Site

You must have seen that most local and national sites and directories allow you to post customer feedback. Encourage your customers to write reviews about your products or services. Reviews, both good and bad, increase the credibility of your business and attract more customers in the future; And there are tips for you. Start by placing a comments section on your website; Put a review link in your email marketing and even add a Pop-Up to your website to encourage people to provide feedback. Be sure to post customer feedback on a section of your site so others can find and read the results.

Launch A Blog To Promote Your Online Business

Setting up a blog does not cost much, and if you maintain it properly and easily, it will be a great way to engage with customers (both existing and potential customers), provide updates and publish content to the search engine. You can also interview professionals in your field and create useful and reputable networks. This will give you more credit. Try to write content that users can share and use beautiful, high-quality images.

Business Directories

You can get free ads through various directories; Then use this offline marketing method. Directories are updated every year and distributed to millions of households. They also have online equivalents and offer discounts for small businesses to buy ads in both formats. There are also free and paid local directories that can be used.

Advertising For Your Internet Business

Brand awareness is very important, and you can do this in ways like posting press releases, advertising in newspapers, magazines, and local radio stations. If you are just starting, order ads and articles in the local newspaper section dedicated to this section. Also try printing your website URL on your business card or letterhead, because a well-known URL can play an important role in commercial advertising.

Internet advertising is sometimes costly to sell high-quality products, But it is also a cost that is likely to be profitable. Since most businesses are looking to increase their customer base and thus increase their revenue, they need to reach a large number of people. So perhaps one of the best ways to market your product or business online is to use Google ads.

Interact With Google, One Of The Ways To Promote Internet Business

Google has developed useful and smart tools to promote your business. For example, you can create an account in Google Business and Google Places and attract people who are looking for jobs online. You can also add your website and company information to Google Business Listings to give your business more opportunities to grow. Manage useful information such as business descriptions, product or service details, pictures, videos, and offers. Being in local directories can also increase the number of valid inbound links to your website. One of the main advantages of Google is that it makes its features available to people for free and in the simplest way.

Google Ads (Google Adwords)

Google paid to advertise is a very effective way to promote your online business and get your website to the top search engine results (for keywords and search terms). Google AdWords is so important that it can change the game in your favor and have great results in the short term. In addition, while you are trying to get results organically, you will get higher results by paying Google and you will receive total input. Costs may initially be high due to increased competition, But you can set a maximum budget per month and control your spending. You can also try free promotional coupons.

Learn To Reuse Content

Publishing content on blogs and marketing is very important to promote your business in this way and requires a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, according to SEO rules, quality content is very important; But how do we produce high-quality content?

This is where content reuse comes into play. This means that you can use the available information and present it to the audience in another format. You can also use new marketing channels to attract more customers. For example, convert a blog post into a podcast or an existing podcast into a video. If you smartly do this, you will use your valuable content in several ways.

Optimization! Yes, Search Engine Optimization (Seo)

If your website performs poorly in search engine optimization, it will not be in the top Google results and as a result, no one will find your business. Have you ever been to the second page of Google? Certainly not!! So, try to get on the first page of Google and keep up to date with new Google algorithms. Work on SEO techniques regularly, view your website statistics from Google Analytics, use Google Search Console, and search for keywords correctly.

Be sure to use sites like SEMrush, Keywords Everywhere, or other keyword search tools to find the best keywords, keywords, and queries. Need to know what keywords your customers are searching for? What questions do they ask? And what are they looking for? Do your best to answer all their questions in comprehensive articles. Be sure to follow the principles of internal and external SEO properly and do not use keywords in the text indiscriminately.

Also, don’t forget to update your site regularly with keyword-rich content. Use internal links in your pages and be active in building backlinks.

Boost Conversion Rates

You want to buy click traffic may get a lot of traffic at first; But if you cannot turn visitors into leads, this traffic is of little use. An easy way to turn website visitors into leads is to use CTA on your website and all your marketing content. Make sure the CTA buttons are prominently displayed on all pages of your site and are directly relevant to your target market. For example, you can use such sentences and encourage the audience to take a specific action.

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Environmental Advertising

Online advertising is useful, But you should not ignore environmental advertisements such as banners and billboards. Of course, these cases are expensive for small businesses and may not have much effect. But renting a banner in a strategic location close to your company is almost as expensive as a newspaper ad and will be seen by your leads and contacts for a long time.

Using Cars And Vehicles Is The Cheapest Way To Advertise In The City

Using a vehicle is one of the most interesting advertising ideas. This idea is smart and cost-effective and creates brand awareness in the neighborhood or area. This will be much cheaper than other methods, especially if your business requires a lot of driving and transportation. Because as the car travels around the city, it promotes your brand. Another good idea is to advertise on city vehicles such as buses and BRTs. You can also use car magnets and attach them to company cars. In this case, many people will see your brand and business.

Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Movies

Advertising of internet business is not possible without movies and videos! Images, gifs, and videos are very popular today and are great ways to market your business. Ideas such as showing videos that showcase your product or publishing educational videos about your services are effective ways to increase the customer base. Use other methods like creating a channel on YouTube, posting slide videos and an IGTV channel on Instagram, and make video marketing an important part of your marketing strategy. These methods easily attract a lot of people to you; Because people instinctively like to watch videos, this method of interaction brings you a lot of leads.

Use Affiliate Marketing To Promote Products

Affiliate marketing, brand awareness is one of the most effective methods. In this way, people cooperate with businesses in different ways and two-way profit transactions are formed. Affiliate marketers will receive a commission for selling your product through their link.

The most valuable affiliate marketers are social media influencers. The term “influencer” is very important. Not only are these people endorsed by hundreds of thousands of potential customers, but when they use a product and promote it, their followers are 100% confident in the quality of that product. You’ve probably heard about how popular and influential an influencer is when he or she wears or promotes a particular outfit. Of course, be careful to use influencers related to your field of work, and if you do not have a lot of money to do this in the beginning, start working with nano influencers.

Join Associations And Participate In Professional Group Meetings

Groups such as the local chamber of commerce, the Rotary Club, or community associations showcase powerful networking opportunities for your company. These local communities and entrepreneurs exist in most cities. So try to participate in these associations as much as you can and establish good relationships with the people and organizations that are present in them.

Be sure to apply for your business card and do not forget to listen to the words of the people you see and talk to in these forums. People who have succeeded in their work and you can learn from them. In addition, if you talk to these people, they will remember you better in the future and good relationships will be formed. Also, try to find these people on LinkedIn and keep in touch with them by email.

Partner With Other Businesses To Promote Your Online Business

You always have the opportunity to connect with and work with other small businesses that do the same. This will allow you to work together to make special offers to local customers. Your goal can be to make a profit for both companies. It is enough to make an offer that benefits both companies. A dual offer that encourages customers to use both services. So make sure your companies offer products that complement each other.

This partnership not only creates an attractive offer for the customer but also reduces your marketing costs by half. By working together, you can save on advertising costs and gain more customers in return.

Provide Free Consultation

Another way to promote an online business that turns your leads and potential customers into customers is to give them non-committing advice. All you have to do is find the people you think need your products and services and offer them a free visit. In these consultations, you offer practical solutions and show them your value proposition. This is a great way to explain your services and solutions to your customers. Ultimately, it encourages people to use your services and products.

Do Not Forget Word Of Mouth

It is interesting to know that 92% of people trust the advice of friends and family, and this can change the situation in your favor. If all the customers who buy from you are satisfied, they can easily find new customers for you by advising others. But as long as you follow the principles of customer orientation and offer good products and services. When dealing patiently with your first customers, do not forget that you are indirectly marketing to your friends and family. So spend a lot of time with your customers to turn them into your advertisers.

Advertising Internet Business By Holding A-Class ‌

If your field of business is seriously leveraging knowledge in specialized sciences, you can hold free classes at local venues. In this way, in addition to gaining more popularity, you will also attract like-minded people. This will increase your potential customers or useful connections in the industry. In addition, it will increase your brand awareness and reputation; Especially if you hold classes for free and have benefits for the community.

You can use local schools and colleges to inform them about attending classes. Make sure all your participants have the full profile of your company and encourage them to join and interact with your organization’s social networks.

Awarding Prizes And Gifts To Charities

If you produce physical goods, try donating some of your products to charities. If you provide services, start providing free services or training and give free certificates and certificates. In this way, you not only contribute to local goals but also promote your brand in the community. The better the prizes and gifts you give, the more people talk about it, the more charitable capital and income, and the more famous your brand become.

Speaking At An Event Is One Of The Most Effective Business Advertisements

Speech is another way to promote your online business. This is similar to the previous idea of ​​teaching classes but requires much less time and commitment. This conversation can take less than an hour and provide an opportunity to gather potential customers. Not only does conversation showcase your knowledge and skills, but it can also be a great place to connect with people who may not be attending such events, But are interested in the topic of discussion and your products. These conversations create a series of useful connections that are essential to expanding your business network.

Put your business in online markets

Many online markets connect buyers and sellers. Putting your business on these platforms is a great way to grow and expand your brand and upgrade your services. Established platforms receive high traffic and this can lead to a significant increase in sales without double effort on your part. Attending reputable sites such as SEO25.com Digi style and… is one of the ways to increase online sales and increase your credibility.

Hold A Contest

You too can host a contest, win prizes and become more popular! This is very interesting and usually leads to good results. Use your various channels and social networks to promote an attractive competition. Encourage your followers to share in the competition by tagging and mentioning their friends. Create your own hashtags and ask your followers to compete with these hashtags.

Set prizes such as cash prizes, your own products, discounts, and special services, and come up with new and exciting strategies for the contest. Simply editing and mentioning people under the post is a good idea, but not particularly appealing. Try to do a great job to make a fuss on social media and get your videos viral. Advertising for the contest also has good results. Be sure to advertise through relevant influencers before holding a contest.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is best for your business to have a social responsibility strategy and to comment on issues such as social problems, diseases, and environmental issues. So be sure to include this in your business model. Because it makes your audience and customers feel more confident in you. Promote such activities internally and externally and ask people to join you in supporting them.

Hosting And Hosting Cool Competitions

Hosting social events is a great way to promote your online business and build a good relationship with people. Some businesses use “Twenty Questions” or “Find and Find” contests to host in local cities. For example, participants pick a map from a starting point, which could be your company office or storefront, and on the way, with a prize motivation, seek to discover and hide what you have hidden or are about to discover.

Be sure to advertise for such interesting games; Because it both makes people enthusiastic and builds brand awareness. Designing this game or event means that all participants will walk past your shop or workplace, and this will allow them to see your business up close. Such events show people local businesses. So give it a try and give the most enthusiastic participants a chance to win.

Use Your Own Products

What do you think if you happen to meet the owner of a famous clothing brand at a party and you do not find the clothes that his company produces tense? Or, for example, if a celebrity who owns a cosmetics brand does not use his own products, can you trust him and his products? Certainly not !!

So if you also have a brand of bags and shoes, produce sports products or have any other type of business, use your own products to gain people’s trust. Especially if you are invited to associations or forums where a large number of people are present and know you well. In this case, you are dealing with people easily and you are not afraid of questions they may ask. This in itself is an effective marketing tool.

Talk About Your Business

Talking about business is one of the most effective ways to promote your business. Now whatever kind of business you have. From manufacturing and retail to insurance offices and airline agencies. In any situation, whether planned or unexpected, find an opportunity to talk about your work. Each situation provides an opportunity for the entrepreneur to introduce and expand his business.

Always have a business card or sample of your products with you and introduce it to different people. For example, on the bus, train, party, bus station, and wherever you see the opportunity, start introducing your business and give your business card to people. Also get emails from acquaintances, customers, social media contacts, and users of your site and keep in touch with them via email. In this case, you register your business in their minds.

Get In Touch With Your Local Newspaper

Another useful way to promote your online business is to contact local newspapers and magazines. See if they like your business or not. This cover gives your company and product a lot of credibilities and is better than the ads for which you pay a lot of money.

Participate In Trade Festivals As Much As You Can

Every year, a large number of competitions and festivals are held in areas such as “Top Entrepreneur”, “Entrepreneur of the Year” and so on. If you have something to say in your field, there is no reason not to win. So be sure to participate in these festivals and reap domestic and foreign awards !! If you win, that’s great; But even if you do not win and are ranked lower, such as second or third, you will be covered by the press and you will be well known. This is a great way to promote your business.

Call And Communicate

Make a list of leads and potential customers and contact them. Telephone marketing may be a bad practice, but it can be a useful tactic to introduce you to potential customers and arouse their interest in your brand. Be sure to use marketers who are good at it.

Use the call to find a solution. For example, try to find connections so that you can consult with them about your business and make the right decisions. You can also book a meeting or appointment and discuss solving a problem, issue or helping them meet their needs. Arrange an informal chat, such as going to a coffee shop or a formal appointment, depending on the services you provide.

Comment On Related Blogs To Promote Your Online Business

One useful way to show that you are a professional person or business is to comment on blogs and comment on similar business posts. Participate in related sites and drive their readers to your business. If you can put your site URL in the comments. This will both get people to your page and improve your SEO. Especially if your website is reputable, Google will consider the link between your blog and your site and increase your content ranking.

In addition, your valuable feedback will attract people’s attention, and everyone who sees you will be your potential customer. Of course, it is better to establish friendly relations with competitors and other bloggers to use these connections in the future.

Write On Other People’s Blogs

Use other people’s contacts and followers and gain more readers for yourself. You can write an article or content on other people’s blogs or websites and use its capacity to your advantage. If the website has a good reputation, your reputation will increase, and more people will know you. This is an effective way to get backlinks to your website and the more you post on reputable sites, the more value your backlinks will have, and this is better in terms of SEO. Also, if you write an article or post about your product or service, you are doing free marketing. You can also suggest other brands to write a post or article on your site as a guest.

Attend Exhibitions

Attending networking events is also a good choice, but attending exhibitions is more valuable. Not only can you build valuable relationships with key people in your field, but you can also target potential customers. Exhibitions are usually for industries, which means being among a large number of buyers. Buyers who are looking for goods like your products and do not come to these places just for fun. The only downside is that renting a popular trade show is expensive; But if it has a good result, it is definitely worth it. Of course, it is better to research well to see the profit of this work offsets the costs and how much is the net profit.

Show Yourself On TV And Podcasts

Local TV shows are always looking for new local guests and events. Conversational programs also always like interesting people and what happened to these people, interview them and easily promote their internet business. Rest assured that if you contact local and provincial networks and ask them for an interview, you will not miss anything. In the end, you may not get an answer, which is unlikely despite your brand’s capabilities and characteristics. Talk on the phone about yourself and your brand’s unique features, and what motivates the network to interview you.

Note that the podcast market has become very hot in recent years and thousands of different podcasts are available to the audience for free through special programs for this type of content. You can find some famous podcasts in your field. Contact them and suggest that you would like to share your expertise or interview them. If you can work internationally, find podcasts published on larger platforms such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify. There are other apps like Castbox, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts and Castro.

Facebook Ads Are Still In The Stock Market

The ads that still matter after many years and are always talked about are Facebook ads. Of course, if you have international customers and are looking for massive sales in the global market. Because the use of this social network in Iran has become less important.

This program has many benefits. For example, it maintains useful data about its users and can easily target the population you are looking for. Of course, to use Facebook ads more and better, you need to know your customer well and tell Facebook who is targeting your ads.

You can use criteria such as age, marital status, geographical location, and hobbies to pinpoint your target market. Using these metrics, you can implement strategic landing pages. Where you encourage visitors to enter their data and ultimately create business value. Of course, Facebook advertising can be costly, but it has the advantage of introducing you to a large number of people and making them accessible.

Use The Influence Of Related Instagram

In this article and the previous sections, we talked about the importance and power of Instagram influencers — as a marketing tool (called affiliate marketing). But you do not have to pay to use the power and influence of these people. If big and popular influencers on Instagram work exactly in your field, they certainly do not reject free products and services. With this trick, you can get good ads from them. Especially if they like your product or gift; In this case, they talk about it with more enthusiasm. Just a simple tagging of your Instagram page is enough to bring a whole new follower and customer to your page.

This is also true for famous YouTubers. If a famous YouTuber likes your product and uses it in his movies, you will benefit a lot from it. So be sure to find the biggest and most famous social media personalities in your specialized market and surprise them with gifts!

Earn Credit On Trustpilot And Yelp To Promote Your Online Business

According to Trustpilot, more than 93% of customers read reviews written about you before buying from an anonymous company. Sites like Trustpilot and Yelp collect consumer feedback with thousands of specific products, websites, and brands. Having a reputable profile on these review websites will build more credibility and trust in your brand.

The Trustpilot website offers a free tool called Benchmark that allows you to view your performance on these sites. This website uses the information entered to provide an overview of your company’s performance, and the existence of this information is critical to your brand credibility. The key is to listen to your customers and take them seriously.

With this in mind, the best way to build good customer relationships is to invite, advertise, and request feedback. Ask them to write their reviews about you and post these comments on your site. Consumers love to be heard, and listening to your target audience is critical to retaining existing customers and attracting new ones.

Set Up Google Alerts

You also need to be aware of your general appearance. That is, what the general public thinks about you and your brand and what they say about your products and services. Google Alerts sends the latest content written about you. You can set alerts for your brand and brand, website, or company email address, and you can even set alerts for your competitors.

You get a report every time someone publishes new content about your business or the keywords you have worked on. If someone submits a bad comment or report, you are the first to know; So you can act very quickly to reduce the possible damage. For example, maybe you can address this issue on your site or social networks, or contact these people in person and see if you can change their opinion or not !? In general, it is important to know what people think. For example, sometimes use the positive aspects of it. If a local media outlet publishes a very good review of your product, you can share it for more promotion and sales.

Create A Customer Club

If you have such a plan, you can encourage committed customers to buy more and bring satisfied customers back to your website. Do this by giving points to customers, loyalty cards, or sending gifts to old customers or regular buyers. Another good way is to give your customers a discount on their birthday or offer a free product for every five purchases (or as many as you like). Try any method you can find to increase customer purchases and see amazing results.

Please Give A Discount

Discounting is a very obvious issue and usually works well. But many people ignore this issue in advertising their internet business. People like to make good deals, and if they think they are making a profit on a deal, they will not lose it. So, if you sell a 300 thousand toman bag for 240 thousand tomans, your customer thinks that he has made a profit of 60 thousand tomans. But the fact is that if there was no such discount, the purchase might not have been made. So, the customer has not made a profit; Has bought only 240 thousand tomans, But it is interesting to know that people do not pay attention to this side of the issue at all and only see profit in the transaction.

So be sure to discount your products and services — even if they are small — and experience stormy sales with extensive advertising. So unlike many businesses, do not be afraid to give a discount; Because it may make a small profit at first, but high sales make up for that small profit.

Give Better Service To Your Customer

There is nothing worse than the customer being dissatisfied with your service; Because he will not buy from you anymore and will cause negative advertisements against you through word of mouth. This will be to your detriment. To find a strong customer service strategy and make it a priority. As the saying goes, “the customer is always right”; So by giving more rewards and salaries to your employees, encourage them to improve relationships and provide better customer service. Listen to customer dissatisfaction and try to fix their problem.

Do not forget that customer satisfaction ultimately depends on the product you have, so try to provide the best product and service. It is unlikely that an extraordinary product, fast and sometimes free delivery, proper support, and a return guarantee will not increase your sales if the customer is not satisfied.

Customer service also includes responding to negative feedback. So follow up with dissatisfied customers and make suggestions to make up for it. For example, you can offer a free product or a discount on subsequent purchases. Sometimes just a sincere apology can tell the difference between losing or keeping a customer. Doing so will increase the credibility of you and your brand with your customers and audience.

Hosting or open house

If you have recently changed your brand or location, open house hosting will be of interest to locals. You can prepare drinks and snacks; Or if you want to hire a catering company and cater on a large scale. Email invitations, place ads in local stores and send ads in the same area. Do whatever you can to encourage them to participate in the event and to get people interested. This will make your brand visible.

Re-Create Interest In Customers

Do everything you can to not lose your previous customers. Sometimes just a simple reminder is enough to get your previous customers to buy again. Send emails to customers who have not been contacted or purchased for some time. To encourage them to buy, put a special discount code in the email and encourage them to buy. People love to feel that you are providing services exclusively to them; That’s why personalized advertising is the best way to promote your online business.

Use The Popular Pinterest Network

Pinterest may be less used than other social networks, But this network has its audience in Iran. Pinterest is an innovative way to market your products to a specific audience. Image-driven platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are highly interactive. So if you can make attractive and high-quality photos of your products and send them on this network to be noticed. Marketing on this network is usually cheap, simple, and effective.

Sponsor An Event Or Sports Team

If you are a local business owner, there is no better way than advertising your online business in local forums and groups. Sponsorship of a local event or sports team is a great way to market your business and positively impact your target community.

Larger companies can also support a local sports team for one year by funding the club and paying for the tournament. This method is expensive; That’s why bigger companies should do that. You should discuss this with the club’s management. For example, you may want your brand engraved on other players’ clothing or sports equipment, or you may want them to advertise exclusively for you.

If you have a smaller budget, support a one-off event — such as a fireworks display or circus show. Put your brand in the tickets and promotions of this interesting event so that everyone can see your brand name.

Host An Online Webinar

If your business is about a specific topic, try hosting an online webinar. Having an online seminar has the advantage of introducing you to potential customers and business connections around the world and expanding your business. An easy way to host a webinar is to hold it live on Instagram and Facebook. You can invest in webinar software and create a professional online seminar. If your webinar is useful or informative, people will spread the word and you will be better known.

Running A Contest On Social Networks

Another way to promote your online business is to host a contest on social media. This will allow your posts to be shared and your page engagement to increase. Ask your contacts and followers to comment under your posts and tag their friends and draw lots and give prizes between these people.

You can ask them for even bigger things. For example, to take interesting photos and funny videos with your products and share them. Use your own hashtag and invite your friends to this contest. You can also win by drawing lots or the best ones. Of course, if you do not force your products in the photos, more people will be interested in doing so and more interesting photos will be taken. So just ask people to share their pictures with your hashtag and try to take funny pictures and videos.

Create Interesting And Engaging Content

Creating visual content that appeals to your audience is one of the best ways to promote your online business. Try to make videos that do not bore the audience and go viral quickly. Keep your captions short (though not too short; 70 words is appropriate) and in spaced paragraphs. Use emojis and put a maximum of 8–10 hashtags in each post.

Use related and quality images and photos in site articles and produce interesting, surprising, or funny infographics. It is also interesting to have a language of irony and irony. Try to produce highly shareable content. Ask your friends and family to support you and don’t forget to eddy, share, like, and comment.

Start Making Podcasts

Podcasts have become more popular in recent years. Anyone can listen to podcasts in any situation, such as while resting, working, traveling, and even bathing. Every day more and more people use this type of media and do it for entertainment, learning topics that are interesting to them, and updating on various scientific and specialized topics.

If you work in a specific field that you can share useful and interesting information with everyone through the podcast, do so. You can share expert advice through podcasts, present your company’s approaches, or interview key figures in your field. If you can provide interesting and unique content, you can reach hundreds of thousands of listeners, which means more marketing and leads. You can upload your podcast for free on sites like Buzz sprout and. The podcast programs introduced in Section 43 are also useful.

Hiring A Marketing Consultant

Promoting an internet business and implementing an effective marketing strategy is sometimes time-consuming, But it is one of the best investments you can make. This is the best way to increase revenue and ultimately grow your business. You can entrust marketing to a marketing consultant and ask him to help you find the most effective investment strategies.

This not only saves you time but also costs less with this outsourcing. Because people with more experience are more likely to use a cost-effective method. In addition, marketing consultants are in touch with different people and industries and will find you marketing methods at a lower cost. So look for someone with experience in marketing who can offer you their specialized skills.

Last But Not Least: Do Not Send Spam Emails!

We all get tired of seeing irrelevant and boring content and we do not like to be bombarded with messages and emails in a row for no reason. If you feel this way, then have mercy on your contacts and customers, and do not send spam emails. If you want to use email marketing, make sure your emails include a valid new product announcement, product features, an event, or a new contest. If the audience is really interested in your brand and product, they will not give up on your newsletter and will remain your customer.

Don’t forget to use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, and more. To find out more about other useful tools, read Article 30 of Digital Marketing Software. To have a good digital marketing campaign, you need everything that is said in this article.


Well, now you know 60 great marketing tips and effective advertising methods. So do not waste time and start the necessary measures for proper advertising for your new business. Get help from a huge media team to promote your online business. If you have any questions or comments, let us know. We are happy to help you with this.

Targeted Web Traffic is a Prominent Premium Service to help, Increase Website Traffic in small businesses. get results with https://www.TargetedWebTraffic.com

Targeted Web Traffic is a Prominent Premium Service to help, Increase Website Traffic in small businesses. get results with https://www.TargetedWebTraffic.com