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12 min readOct 15, 2020

It doesn’t matter! Find an e-mail address bank, then send an e-mail to everyone every day, “Dear friend, come and buy this scary product for us”; This was email marketing!

Were you surprised? You should also be surprised because this is not email marketing.

Email marketing has its own way of doing things. Buying email traffic, sending unsolicited bulk emails, and sending meaningless promotional emails do not count as email marketing at all.

Now, what is the right way? We wrote this article to show you the right way.

Let’s first look at what email marketing is and then learn how professional email marketing works. In the following articles in the Email Marketing series, we will introduce the types of email marketing services, talk about email design, teach ways to compile email lists, and talk about how not to be spammed.

What does Email Marketing Mean?

Email marketing means improving the relationship with the customer through email.

If we want to define a little more clearly, these examples are useful:

1. Send email notification of discounts or new products

2. Send Targeted email newsletter of articles or any new content

3. Get customer feedback on a product or service

4. A reminder of incomplete purchases

5. Happy birthday or any kind of anniversary

6. Send purchase invoice

With all these emails we send, we try to get a new customer or contact and keep the existing customers.

The emails we send are usually divided into two categories:

The best example of a marketing email is a newsletter. Newsletters in which we introduce new site content such as articles, videos, etc. or emails in which we introduce a new product. If you are a member of Weekly Newsletter, you are familiar with this model of email marketing. If you have not seen our newsletter, then subscribe now :)

There are many types of transactional emails. Password reminder emails, purchase invoices, ticket support answers, etc. are all considered transaction emails. This group of emails is usually sent automatically.

Why is email marketing important?

The email has been an essential tool for businesses since the advent of the Internet around the world. According to research, about 9.3 billion people in the world use email. This figure increases with the increase in Internet penetration among the people. Few people are Internet users but do not have email. Some people may use email a lot less, but they still have an email that they use when needed.

Now social media lovers, bank customers, students, and anyone using Android or iPhone phones are somehow forced to have an email address.

You might think that nowadays, despite fast and powerful messengers, it is very rare for people to send e-mails to each other. This idea is somewhat true; The use of e-mail for messaging and everyday tasks has decreased a lot, but e-mail is still the only official and reliable way to communicate with users. Internet brands and businesses in particular have made email the basis of their work.

Email and SMS are two important and formal ways to communicate with contacts that do not yet have a good alternative. We have already explained about SMS advertising. Now it’s time for email marketing and advertising.

Now to get a better understanding of email marketing, let’s take a look at the history of the formation and evolution of this popular marketing method.

You will find out why these emails are spam a little later.

It is interesting to know that letter marketing existed before that. So, let’s see why this marketing method became so popular.

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What are the benefits of email marketing?

Email can be used at all stages of customer awareness and loyalty. How to use email and with what advantage you can make your email campaign successful.

Here are some of the most important benefits of email marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • High Return on Investment (ROI): In simple terms, ROI means how much you make in return for what you spend. The return on investment of email marketing can be accurately calculated. Most importantly, if email marketing is done properly, this return on investment will be very high. In recent years, Email Marketing has been recognized as the most effective online marketing tactic. The chart below, quoting Marketing schools, provides a comparison between email marketing return on investment and some of the most popular marketing in the world in 2016.
  • It’s cheap and fast: Email marketing is cheaper and faster than other marketing methods. In the simplest case, you just have to pay for an email service, which depends on how much you spend.
  • Flexibility: Any type of content can be sent via email: text, photos, videos, files, and links.
  • Ability to monitor consumer behavior: With the development of email marketing services, they can easily provide information about the recipient’s behavior to the sender. As a result, organizations and companies that do high-volume Targeted Email Marketing, by purchasing these services, can be informed of the behavior of consumers towards their email marketing and benefit from it.
  • Direct targeting: Email addresses can be collected from different channels and categorized into separate lists according to the customer’s personality. For example, if a woman buys cosmetics from your store, she is more likely to be interested in content or discounts in the same category of products. So, this lady’s address is in the category of cosmetics customers and you send her emails according to her needs.
  • You can easily collect emails: now you want to register in any site or application, you definitely need an email! Just find a way to get customers to give you their email address. Or create a compelling newsletter that your audience will be willing to sign up to receive and read.

Buy an email bank or collect a list?

Currently, purchasing an email list is not recommended at all. Why?

1. There is no guarantee that the purchased list will contain real emails.

2. These email banks are sold to several people. So, the probability of identifying the sender as the sender of spam increases.

3. Even if the email bank is categorized by a job, it is unlikely that the email you send will fit the user’s needs.

4. If you use these lists, the risk of being scammed is very high.

5. Your email marketing is very unlikely to succeed.

6. Sending emails without the user’s permission and a request is against the privacy policy.

7. Doing so will ruin your brand image.

These reasons are enough to not buy an email bank. It may take a long time to attract users and compile a list, but it is worth it anyway.

In a word, by compiling the email list by yourself and satisfying the users by receiving the email, none of the mentioned problems will occur and the chances of successful email marketing will increase.

Email Marketing Indicators

One of the most important tasks for successful email marketing is to analyze the results and optimize the emails.

Fortunately, most email marketing services have features for regular reporting and some even automate optimization.

The following are some of the most important indicators.

Open Rate: The open rate is the ratio of the number of users who opened your email to the total recipients of the email.

  • Click-Through-Rate: In general, with a click-through rate, we want to know how many people have clicked on different links or buttons in the email.
  • Bounce Rate: The bounce rate is the ratio of the number of emails that did not receive any clicks to the total number of emails opened.
  • Subscribe / Unsubscribe Rate: Statistics of the number of users who subscribe to your list or request to unsubscribe.
  • Conversion Rate: Statistics of the number of times our user performs a desired activity, such as purchasing, downloading, or subscribing.

What should successful email marketing look like?

As we said at the beginning, email marketing is not just about sending bulk emails. It is not difficult at all to do so, But be aware that the ultimate goal in email marketing is to make money or achieve any other similar goal.

So, like any other marketing method, we need to consider tips and principles. We list the most important ones. However, each of these points in practice requires expertise and trial and error.

1. Get to know the email audience

The best ads or content are those that fit the needs and interests of the audience. The more accurate this fit is, the more likely you are to open an email and make a purchase.

There are several different ways to identify an audience. You can ask yourself. If the customer is going to fill out a form, ask questions that you can use in the future to send targeted content. For example, if your online store needs more customers and sales to be a member of the site to buy a product, a question about their job or favorite products is very useful. You can send computer game news to the student’s student and introduce housekeeping tips and suitable products for each subject to the housewife.

With these questions, we seek to divide the target groups. This type of segmentation is called market segmentation.

Another way to segment customers is to compile persona. Persona is a summary of the characteristics and characteristics of each group of customers or audiences. We have written a complete article about the persona that we suggest you read. Read more about that Email Open Rates.

2. Have engaging content for the audience

If the customer wants to buy a product, he will search with Google or any other method and find the required product. So, sending a list of new products in the store is not very useful. Or if you want to send the news of the previous week in the form of a newsletter, this is not attractive either, because now following the news from social networks and news platforms are followed momentarily.

Instead of the two mentioned above, you can send educational materials according to the product that the customer has bought from you or just announce special discounts.

If you have a blog on your website, introduce the best articles of the week in an email.

In short, if you want to send an email through which the customer enters the site or buys from you, you have to create added value compared to other means of communication. Your email should be attractive enough that everyone will be eager to receive and open it.

3. Invite to interact

Every advertising message or content has a purpose. This can be an invitation to read an article on the site, watch a video, or make a purchase.

These invitations are called Call to Action. How, with what text, and with what proposal you invite the audience is very important.

4. Be traceable and observable

Most email marketing platforms today have good and complete reports on various indicators. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

5. Perform continuous testing and optimization

Now that you have a report on the performance of emails sent and audience behavior, you can test different ideas and designs. Test different designs, use of images, CTA buttons with different colors and text, and finally an intimate or formal tone. See which of these modes has the best feedback.

Or even optimize the number of emails you send. See if a high-content weekly email is better, or a daily email with limited content and summary.

6. Be regular and consistent

An important condition in any type of marketing is consistency. Keep in mind that regular invitations to membership are the best way to compile email lists. So don’t expect thousands of people to subscribe to your newsletter or site in a matter of weeks. Send emails consistently and regularly to get long-term results.

Methods of sending bulk emails

The best way to send the bulk email right now is to use a panel or email marketing service. There are several bulk email platforms, each with a variety of features.

Unfortunately, some of these foreign services have banned Iranian businesses, and we have restrictions on using some of them. For example, the difficulty of depositing dollars or the high cost of service for Iranians are two major limitations.

Of course, in these circumstances, good Iranian services are providing services.

In this list, we introduce some widely used and usable services in Iran:

  • Envelope
  • Send plus
  • Elastic Mail
  • Mailer Lite
  • Mailchimp
  • Whisper

These services have the same basic services but may have a variety of ancillary services.

How not to be spammed

Email spam is the worst-case scenario in email marketing. You must have seen that some businesses or people say before sending an email, be sure to check the spam folder. If our email is spammed, mark it as a safe and non-spam email.

Sometimes this happens because of factors beyond our control. However, if you use a good service provider, following these tips will greatly reduce the chances of being spammed. The following tips are useful for any service provider and any type of email.

1. Allow users to voluntarily subscribe to your email list.

2. Specify the form in which users sign up for the email list.

3. All emails must have a link or “Unsubscribe” button.

4. Enter the contact information and physical address (company or individual) in the email.

5. The subject of the email should not be misleading or misleading.

6. Use reputable and popular bulk email services.

7. Optimize your audience list.

8. Do not send annoying and meaningless emails. Reporting spam by the user causes the services of the sender or recipient of your email to be recognized as spam.

9. The address and name of the sender should be clear and official.

10. Avoid the words and phrases that are most often used in spam emails.

The last word

In this article, we defined email marketing for you experimentally and scientifically, and then we went to its history. Together we saw how email marketing began when it peaked and became widespread, what obstacles stood in its way, and how technology overcame them one by one. Then I mentioned the advantages of Email Marketing and listed some disadvantages. Finally, I said that in any business, email marketing can be used as a marketing method, and it is this way of using email marketing that leads to the success of the business or causes that business to switch to other marketing methods…

Getting into someone’s Inbox is like heading in or inviting someone to your home. When you go to someone’s house, you wear nice and appropriate clothes and show your best behavior. In email marketing, you have to be present with a decent appearance and with your best behavior and tone and remember that you are in their house.

In this series of articles, you will fully learn how to appear with the right look and tone and who in the Inbox. In the second chapter of this series of articles, as the first step in starting a successful email marketing campaign, I will explain how to create a good email list. I will also introduce you to the Email Marketing tools used in the world.

So, stay tuned for the next chapter, and I’ll welcome your feedback on this article at the bottom of this page.

  • Concluding Remarks
    Email marketing is one of the best and most cost-effective communication and advertising tools that still works well even in today’s world with the advent of new platforms. With email marketing, you can stay in touch with your audience and customers, keep them up to date with the latest news, send them useful and engaging content, and offer amazing offers to your customers.
    Email marketing has a good return on investment, and if you can identify your audience well, you can get good click-through rates. This cheap system, if used professionally, can have a good output for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Email Marketing?

In fact, email marketing means using email tools and sending messages to the target audience in order to attract new customers and maintain relationships with old customers. The content of your message can include ads, useful content, attractive and different discounts and offers, and more.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

1. Good return on investment (ROI)

2. Instant effectiveness

3. Fast and cost-effective

4. Easy start

5. Customer Behavior Analysis

6. Direct message transmission

What Businesses Is Email Marketing For?

Email marketing is very useful for businesses that have good information and interaction with their audience. Because they can communicate with their target audience and deliver their message to them at a very low cost.

What can we use email marketing for?

1. Direct message transmission

2. Email Newsletter

3. Send purchase information

4. Discounts and special offers

5. Event Notification

Where You can Buy Targeted email marketing services?

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