How to Use Targeted Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Targeted Email marketing or email marketing several years ago as one of the main methods of advertising and marketing is handled and in the last few years, there have been small changes in its implementation. In fact, the principles and basis of this style of marketing are fixed, but some companies in this field try to make changes so that they can attract the attention of their audience and first turn them into visitors and finally into customers. In this article, we have decided to fully introduce email marketing and explore all related areas so that you are familiar with the potential of this method and use it to introduce your business if necessary.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing or email marketing (Email Marketing) is said by e-mail to the ways and means to attract traffic and visitor used. In fact, this marketing method is known as a direct marketing method, during which we directly ask our audience to visit our business and see our product and services. The important thing about using email marketing is that there is no middle ground in this method, and we are in direct contact with our visitors or audience. So how to do marketing in this way is very important and requires strategic behaviors and plans.

General Email Marketing

Here are some questions about email marketing:

How to do it?

-Can everyone use this tool?

-Is there a specific way to use this tool?

-Is the ROI appropriate for monetary methods?

Answering any of these questions requires careful consideration.

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How is email marketing done?

On how to do the job, it is necessary that the person is familiar with sending emails through various panels. The most popular e-mail panels in the world are Yahoo’s e-mail panels and Google’s Gmail panel. The use of both tools is similar and almost all options are the same. In fact, in these panels, the recipient’s personal email address is entered, the ad text is also written and sent to the recipient as a free text message or e-mail.

This method is used for sending individual emails. There are several different ways to send bulk emails. In general, email marketing can be defined as sending promotional emails using these panels to a large audience to get their attention. Of course, there are other methods that we will discuss in more detail below.

Can everyone use this tool?

The answer to this question is yes. Yes! Definitely, everyone can use this tool to promote their business. Of course, the ability to work with a tool is different from mastery and skill in working with it, and in fact, in email marketing, the issue of mastery and skill is more important and one must know exactly how to use it and how Slowly A professional marketer knows how to use bulk email panels and how to implement his marketing method.

Is there a specific way to use this tool?

The answer to this question also requires a professional discussion that is not in the scope of this article. But, in general, sending emails may be individual or in bulk. An individual sending, the application finds a certain number of email addresses related to a particular profession or business (for example, get the email addresses from the same business association!), And sends promotional emails in person.

In the second method, bulk email panels are provided to advertising teams and they send their emails based on the information obtained. In the method of sending bulk emails, the issue of selectivity does not matter, and promotional emails may be sent to anyone in any field. In this method, sending emails is usually random and we should not expect the opening rate of emails to be high.

Is the ROI appropriate for monetary methods?

We have to accept the fact that our answer to this question may surprise you and even some people may criticize this answer. But keep in mind that successful email marketing is done by people who have high email traffic and open rates and know what their target audience is looking for. According to studies in the eMarketer study group, the rate of return on investment in email traffic is a very significant and significant number.

To understand this rate of return on investment, we decided to do our research by comparing the email method with other methods. In this study, email marketing as compared to other methods such as using catalogs, using SEO and website optimization, using Google AdWords and click-through ads, as well as banner ads. As you can see in the image below, the rate of return on investment in the email marketing method is close to $ 40 per dollar, which is a significant statistic.

Types of emails in email marketing

With a simple internet search, you can easily find different websites and resources, each of which introduces different types of email marketing in a specific way. Some provide a list of 12 items and some provide a list of 16 items for most types, most of which are duplicate and marginal. Based on our previous experience as well as our experience in the field of targeted email marketing, we have divided the different types of these methods into 6 groups:

Targeted Email Newsletters

these emails as containing news and advertising messages that companies send to their audience and thus maintain their relationship with them.

Promotional emails or sponsor (Sponsorship Emails): This type of email is useful for companies that have not yet formed their target population and to attract more visitors and customers. These emails provide information about the company’s features, products and services to attract more visitors to their business.

Dedicated emails (Dedicated Emails): name, e-mails can apply specially for them and the emails that are special about a particular subject or a particular purpose transmitted to the user. For example, a company may inform its subscribers about monthly or annual discounts via a private email.

Digest emails: These emails are almost like news emails, but generally provide information about corporate activities and services that have been done in the past and are to be done in the coming months. In fact, these emails keep users informed about the corporate activity.

Transactional emails (Transnational Email ): This type of e-mail users to exchange information between companies and allocated. For example, when you sign up for a newsletter as a subscriber or fill out a website membership form, these are exchange emails that inform you about how to sign up and how to proceed. Some websites categorize welcome emails separately, while they are also included in the exchange emails.

Breeding email address (Lead Nurturing Emails ): This method of email marketing using promotional emails or sponsor can be considered the next step. In fact, you have already attracted the visitors and traffic you want and now these users are known as subscribers to your website. At this stage, you will go to the audience cultivation emails and try to make suggestions for them that provide the conditions for them to become customers.

What is spam email and what problems does it cause?

Email spam or email spam is an annoying and dangerous phenomenon that can have many consequences. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the emails used in email marketing fall into different categories. However, sometimes we come across some emails and e-mails that do not fall into any of the following categories and have an unknown origin. The definition of spam emails by email service providers refers to emails that have not been licensed by the recipient to receive these emails.

The use of spam emails has become very popular in the last decade, and today we see that most users use smart bots to send emails. These emails may also contain viruses and other dangerous files that could damage our information on your computer or any other intelligent system.

But here are some problems with spam emails:

These emails, in the simplest case, consume your bandwidth and time.

-You have to spend a lot of time deleting unwanted messages and advertisements that are problematic for managers.

-These spammers serve as a means of transmitting electronic viruses and malicious infections.

-Spam emails are not just promotional emails and may be designed solely to harm the system.

-Spam emails are not always bulk emails but may be designed for one system and only one person.

Is there a way to deal with sending spam emails?

Short answer, yes!

There are two general ways to deal with sending spam emails in bulk and individually:

The first solution is to use a filter on the email server: In this way you can make changes to the settings of your email system or even in the email panels and ask them to select specific categories of emails by status Filter the unknown sender. In this case, you will only receive emails that you have authorized to the server.

The second solution is to use additional filters before the email enters the home screen: Some companies have developed filters and software that you can add as an add-on to your email server and act as a protection system. This way, your emails will be quarantined, and you can check them before they enter the server and finally allow them to enter your main panel. These filters do not have an Iranian version and Comodo Dome Antispam is one of their foreign versions.

How to Use Targeted Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Before we make a point or case about the benefits of email marketing, the history of email, and the willingness of other companies to use this method itself proves its suitability and effectiveness. In fact, as soon as various social networks appear in the world, this marketing method is still used, which means that the fans know how effective this tool is. Here are just a few of the benefits of email marketing:

A significant rate of return on investment: According to published statistics, the rate of return on investment in the use of email marketing in 2015 was about $ 30 per dollar, in 2016 this figure reached a profit of $ 32.28 and in 2017 this figure in It is estimated at about $ 40.

Fast and immediate effect: Delivery speed in bulk email sending panels is very high and you can even expect to see a large volume of delivered emails in the first hour.

A high percentage of the global audience: Although social networks are used today in many countries around the world, but still the largest global audience is email users and they are more widespread.

Easy to publish and send: The bulk email sending panel is very convenient and with the least effort, a large volume of promotional emails can be sent to users around the world. In fact, there are no geographical restrictions.

Easy to measure: Today, bulk email sending software and their panels allow users to check the status of their emails and calculate factors such as the opening rate or conversion rate.

Increase sales and revenue: According to Marketing Week; Sales recorded using email marketing last year were around € 29 billion. This shows how much targeted email marketing can increase the sales of companies.

Possibility of targeting sent messages: Bulk sending of emails is done in two ways, in one case, emails can be limited to a specific group, or they can be sent in a comprehensive manner. However, you can specify to whom the emails will be sent.

Ability to attract new contacts: When you use a bulk email sending panel, a number of them will naturally be introduced as your contact and you can send your next emails specifically to this group of contacts.

Low cost: You may has heard about free targeted email marketing software or free bulk email in some ads. Using email marketing is very low cost and even the first steps can be done for free.

Some interesting statistics about email marketing

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned the benefits of targeted email marketing, but it is not bad to provide some interesting statistics about this marketing method so that you can understand all of the above with documented and acceptable data:

The number of email accounts created in 2016 reached more than four and a half billion.

-In 2016, nearly 200 billion emails were sent and received, of which about 108 billion were related to the business sector.

-About 78% of marketing emails are sent using personal accounts.

-The number of accounts created in the field of email marketing is almost three times the total number of accounts created on Facebook and Twitter.

-About 57% of email account holders spend between 10 and 60 minutes on this account.

-Those who use email in their business spend 13 hours a week working in the inbox.

-About 92% of adults using the Internet use e-mail, and 61% of them use it on average every day.

-More than 90% of people use their email account at least once a year.

-41% of email account holders use their mobile phone to view their emails.

-About 23% of people who see emails on their mobile phone check the emails again on another device.

-About 70% of the openers of emails received from companies and institutions consider the use of discounts or purchase coupons as the main reason for opening emails.

-The ability to attract new customers to the email service is more than 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter.

-News emails are known as the best way to maintain and develop a business audience.

-One study found that email marketing was recognized as the second most successful marketing method after selling companies’ own websites in the field of B2B businesses.

-All the statistics are from reputable financial organizations, including eMarketer, The DMA, Nielsen Norman Group, McKinsey & Company, and more.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Most companies that work in the field of targeted email marketing and actually act as intermediaries for other companies, prefer to talk less about the disadvantages of email marketing and somehow forget about them. At Webmaster Group, given our mission, we need to introduce some of the disadvantages of this method that can be addressed with small changes in its strategy.

Unread email by subscribers due to lack of proper format: Email marketing strategy includes choosing the right format for email. If the marketer fails to follow this proper format, they will probably not be well received by their subscribers and the email engagement rate will decrease.

– Reducing the engagement rate for various other reasons: Those who are looking to send emails and attract traffic through this, need to do things like attractiveness, clarity in advertising messages, rewards and rewards, as well as introducing their outstanding services in the best possible way. Give. Doing each of these better means increasing your email engagement rate. So, a marketer should focus on preventing their email engagement rate from declining.

Loss of emails due to lack of proper communication: If you have heard the proverb ” what is lost, lost “, you understand the problem well. Email marketing is a communication method between the customer and the business owner, So the weaker the connection, the lower the email opening rate and the lower the return on investment.

Problems with email delivery: This is one of the disadvantages of email marketing in bulk email delivery systems. The large volume of emails sent in this way limits the ability to monitor all emails, and as a result, some of them may not be delivered properly and the rate of opening emails may be reduced.

– Loss of customers: In the previous paragraphs, we divided the types of emails in email marketing into 6 different types, some of which may be done privately and some in general. Each of these methods has its own fans and critics. So keep in mind that choosing any of these strategies may result in the loss of some of your customers.

Deleting some emails and not reading them by customers: Although the rate of email delivery to the recipient is a good factor in the work and marketing of email, you have probably deleted some emails even without opening them. This problem is mostly related to those who do not have much experience in this marketing method and by using beginner methods in the beginning, they damage the general process of their advertising.

Email marketing can be costly if you do not act prudently: In the previous paragraphs, we mentioned the low cost of using email marketing as an advantage. But it is interesting to know that inexperienced people in this field can incur costs that are more expensive than other advertising methods. Therefore, our advice is not to be fooled by advertisements such as free email marketing or sending free bulk emails and try to make sure that the ads are accurate.

Different methods of email marketing

In the previous sections, we mentioned the types of emails used in email marketing and showed what each of them is sent with and what the final result will be. However, email marketing methods are divided into two general categories, one of which is free, and the second is known as paid methods:

free email Marketing

Free email marketing is one of the methods that most users are looking for and prefer to do their marketing at the lowest possible cost. There are many benefits to doing marketing for free, but it also creates problems for the individual who may eventually have to resort to monetary methods. There are two ways to do free email marketing:

Use international panels such as Yahoo and Gmail: These tools do not charge you for various services such as sending and receiving emails, and you can easily send your promotional emails to multiple people. The biggest drawback to these panels is their very slow speed, which cannot be a good idea in sending bulk emails, and also does not allow us to monitor the results.

Temporary use of email marketing panels or paid panels: This method is considered both monetary and non-monetary. In fact, you are allowed to use an email marketing panel to use it for free for a limited time and learn how the panel works. This limited-time is free for you and you do not need to pay. The disadvantage of using this method is its limited time, after a while, you have to go to the same email marketing panels again.

money marketing Email

Money email marketing has many advantages over the above methods, and the big drawback is the issue of paying for email, which can be bitter for all of us. In this method, an email sending and receiving panel is provided to you, and you can use it to send bulk emails and individual emails. In this method, you will receive a fee for the type of panel you use. In terms of speed of work and coverage of more people in email marketing, monetary methods are more appropriate. The most important tools used in this method are the panels, which we will introduce in the following.

What is Email Marketing Panel?

The email marketing panel gives you a space to design and write your email, and then send them all at once by entering your contact list.

Email marketing service has several advantages, the most important of which is the speed of work and the possibility of tracking sent emails. Of course, it cannot be claimed that all services have such capabilities and there are differences between them. But the features that an email service offers you are:

-Send bulk emails to all audiences of a business.

-Ability to categorize audiences and send emails separately for each.

-Ability to schedule sending emails for any contact or any category.

-Ability to report on the number of emails delivered and the rate of opening emails.

-Ability to determine the daily fee according to the number of emails sent.

-Ability to set budgets for monthly and annual programs.

-Final reporting and review of the efficiency of the email marketing method.

In the meantime, the email sending server and its panel are of special importance. The stronger and faster this panel is, the higher the quality of the email marketing process and the greater the quality of the work.

Advantages of using an email panel

When there are different ways of free email marketing, why should we go for paid methods? This is a question that most novice users and marketers ask about email panel owners, and it is interesting to note that most of them change their mind after hearing the specifications and benefits of using an email panel. Now if you are in this group and this question is on your mind, let me show you some of the benefits of using an email panel:

Send bulk emails in the shortest possible time: This is the easiest point you can get from the email panel. In these panels, you can enter your contact list or retrieve the emails of a specific group from a variety of sources and send them emails in bulk.

Put a filter to prevent spam emails: Spam emails or spam are very dangerous, so in an email panel you can use different filters for incoming emails to prevent spam emails from entering your panel.

Easy to access and use: This panel provides you with an inbox, a mailbox, an archive box, and a trash can where you can categorize your messages. So access to any of them is easy for you and you can change your schedule accordingly.

Track the results of emails sent and their opening rate: This is probably the best tool that an email panel provides marketers. In marketing, the rate of return on investment and the rate at which email is opened are very important. An email panel gives them a chance to check the status of their emails and factors such as rate of return or other items.

Defining contact in different categories and groups: In this case, the user is allowed to place his contacts in different categories to implement their email marketing programs according to those categories. These categories may be based on the type of audience and their tastes, or they may even be related to when you send and receive emails.

Ability to report: Any tool that allows marketers to report, that is, is considered an important and vital tool for them. Fortunately, paid email panels give marketers the opportunity to report on their activities and conduct the necessary and desired surveys on them at regular intervals.

Some popular examples of email sending panels

To make you more familiar with email panels and how to use them in email marketing, we decided to introduce some famous examples of them. Below we will introduce you to three of the most famous and well-known email sending panels in the world, which work almost identically to Iranian panels:

Panel Private Intercom (Intercom

Intercom Email Submission Panel provides you with all the items mentioned in the previous paragraphs, and you can use it to run various advertising campaigns. The distinguishing point in this panel is that it is possible to define a goal (Goal ) for each advertising campaign, at the end of which you can get the complete statistics of the results.

In this case, when we contact the owner of the email service, they provide us with a panel that is tailored to our personal and professional name and profile. In this panel, we can charge our account financially and enter our audience in it. In fact, these panels are just like Yahoo Mail or Google Mail, and they work the same way. The difference between these panels and free services is that the cost of sending emails is calculated according to the number of emails sent at any time and reduces the charge of your account.

Set email marketing tariffs according to the number of audiences

Setting an email marketing tariff based on the number of contacts is the same as the previous email service, and we need to top up our account to be able to use its capabilities. Sending bulk emails using this service is very easy and hassle-free, except that our costs are determined by the number of contacts and there is no difference in the number of emails sent. In this way, the service owner makes estimates in terms of cost and rate of sending emails according to the number of contacts, and we have to recharge our account at regular intervals.

What are the features of an email marketing service?

The answer to this question is largely a matter of taste and depends on various factors. But given our background in marketing and advertising, three of them are very important and vital.

– Ease of use

We have to admit that not all users of bulk email service are fluent and knowledgeable people, and some of them may not even have worked with these panels before. This situation makes it difficult for server owners to send bulk emails and they have to design their service so that everyone can use it. Access to various options, the possibility of easy charging, the possibility of sending bulk emails in a simple way and reviewing the results of email marketing are other things that must be observed.

– Variety in implementation methods

When a company decides to use email marketing as its main marketing method, it naturally tries to divide its audience into different categories so that it can behave according to their tastes. If the company wants to treat all its audiences the same, it will face many challenges and its email opening rate will go down. So a good bulk email sending panel should be able to categorize the audience.

– Ability to report

All the activities and expenses that are done in the field of email marketing should lead to getting results and reviewing them. Email marketing, whether done in person or using email sending panels, will not work without results and interaction rate and email opening rates. So one of the salient features of a panel is the reporting and analysis of results.

In fact, these panels should provide us with statistics on the results of their work and show us how many of these emails have been delivered and how many have been opened. Providing information about when email is viewed and how it opens on different devices is a good way to take the next steps in your advertising strategy. So, a good panel should allow us to report.

What jobs are email marketing suitable for?

Here are some questions about email marketing:

-What jobs can they use?

-Is the use of this strategy limited to online businesses?

-Can small businesses and startups use this tool?

-Can Unemployed Businesses Use Email Marketing?

-Short answer, yes!

Long answer: Each of these businesses requires special arrangements that, if implemented, can lead to email marketing.

Small businesses and startups usually do not have enough capital to pay the email marketing tariff and are more likely to use free bulk email or free email marketing software. Our suggestion to this group is to use your own e-mail and Gmail service platform. In fact, these companies are just starting out and probably do not have the funds to use the bulk email panel. So, they can focus on sending emails individually in the first step and move to send bulk emails in the next steps.

But for large businesses and online businesses, it is better to use the email sending panel, which benefits them both in terms of cost and timing. So, email marketing is a general strategy for all businesses, but the right approach for a business must be chosen.

How to increase Email Open Rates?

Email opening rate is an important and measurable factor in checking the status of emails sent to your audience, and we can use it to evaluate how effective our email marketing has been. In general, the rate of email opening has decreased in recent years due to the emergence of social networks, but due to the conditions of its use, the above statistics show that the rate of return on investment in this method is much higher. Therefore, marketers are always looking for ways to improve the opening rate of their emails and we will introduce 8 solutions to them:

Always keep your list up to date

Keep in mind that email and Gmail subscribers have different visits at different times, and some may not even use their email for several months. Here your task is to update your contact list and you should specify in your reviews how many contacts have not opened these emails at regular intervals. So, the best option is to update your contact list and always try to send your emails only to active people.

Divide your audience list into several categories

Depending on the type of email marketing, you should divide your audience into several categories and try to use each of these methods for a group of them. For example, some of your audience may be interested in news emails and newsletters, and some may prefer bonuses and discounts. So, you try to divide your audience and visitors into several categories and send your emails according to this category. In the image below, you can see the effect of audience categorization and various factors, including increasing the rate of opening emails.

Avoid sending spam or spam emails

This problem is more common with bulk email panels, and Yahoo and Google systems can easily detect that these emails were sent through bulk panels. The truth about spam emails is that most users do not see the spam section of their emails or rather delete them all in bulk. To use such a tool, always try to write your real name in the sender’s address field and specify the subject of your email. Even at the time of registration, you can ask your audience and subscribers to remove you from the spam list.

Choose the best schedule

Timing is very important in marketing and this is reflected in email marketing. We have to accept the fact that in the last few years, the duration of users’ presence on social networks has been longer than emails. However, users usually try to set aside a certain amount of time to visit their email, and it is your art to find that time. Scheduling an email is divided into two stages. The first step is to determine which days users prefer to go to their email. As you can see in the image below, in the early days of the week and office days, the highest number of open emails occurs, and you should focus on these days.

Second, you need to determine at what time each day the highest number of open emails occurs. Some of these emails are business-related and open in the early hours of the day and some are open during other hours of the day. If you look at the image below, the rate of email opening between 8 and 2 pm is much higher than other hours of the day.

Specify the subject of your email

We have mentioned many times in this article and in previous articles that internet users are bored, and their internet feed should be prepared quickly. When you are looking to increase the email opening rate in your email marketing, you need to make sure that users are immediately aware of the subject matter of your email and respond to it.

You can even put your personal details or business phone number in this email and use the word chat and joke. Remember that email is just a communication tool between you and the customer, and you do not need to give it high recognition. Try to speak in the same language and style that your users prefer.

Make your audience feel like you just wrote this email for them

One of the mistakes most online businesses make in their email marketing strategy is to use a formal tone and address the audience end masse. This will make your audience think of themselves in a large group and feel that you pay less attention to them. Write the text of your email in such a way that the reader feels that the email was sent only to him. Don’t even be afraid to address visitors and design your conversation like a face-to-face conversation. Try not to be sensitive in giving information to your subscribers and gain their trust.

Do not be lazy and do not copy!

Do not forget that the other party is one of the people who is going to be a regular customer of your business and you will be in contact with them for a long time. So no matter how much you respect them, you will surely receive mutual respect. So know that you are not going to write a text and reduce your hassle by copying and pasting it. Even if you do, your text should be so intimate and friendly that the reader will not get tired of seeing it and count the moments for your next email. Try to take enough time to write each text and read the text carefully several times to ensure its written and spoken quality.

Don’t forget your mobile users

In the statistics section above, we said that nearly 41% of users read their emails on smartphones and Android. Nearly 23 percent of those who go to a laptop and computer again after using a smartphone to check their email. So the number of email visitors using mobile phones is high and this should be part of your email advertising strategy.

How to write attractive emails?

Do not worry! Once we have decided on the details of email marketing, we certainly have not forgotten how to write compelling emails. We have to accept that emails are hooks to attract visitors and customers, so the more attractive a hook is, the more effective it is. Just follow these tips when writing emails:

Use interesting topics and subtitles in your email

When it comes to writing emails during email marketing, you are not going to write a multi-page text for them and advertise and mention your abilities. Try to include interesting topics such as promotions, monthly discounts, new products, user ratings and the like in your email and divide the email into several sections. This fragmentation and use of subtitles make the reader curious to read other sections as well.

Be careful with the length of your email text

Email text length is a factor in email marketing success. You may have heard from consultants many times during your activity that you use long emails or go for short emails and do not bore your reader. Keep in mind that the content of an email is more important than the length of the text, but with respect for others, Internet users are very impatient, and if you bore them, your email will no doubt serve no purpose other than server crash.

Use the name and subject

First of all, keep in mind that if you do not specify an email for your emails, the servers will recognize it as spam email and reduce the chances of it being read. The reason for using the username in the email is to create more intimacy in their minds. Using titles like “Buy website traffic” or “Buy Targeted Website Traffic” is not only unattractive but also increases the likelihood of deleting it. After addressing the recipient’s first name, do not be afraid to personalize your emails.

Write the first paragraph interestingly

One question, how many times have you chosen a store because of a showcase or a sign in it? Of course, shop windows and billboards in stores are very important in choosing customers. Similarly, the first paragraph of an email affects the readability of other parts. So even if you spend hours writing the first paragraph of your email, you will certainly not lose.

In the second paragraph, just say what you want

Weaving philosophy and using heavy sentences in the second paragraph means making the addressee run away from the email. Try to easily and effortlessly tell them what your goal is in sending this email and what score you want to give them. Don’t just go for promotions and discounts and promote your product or service. Try to put these two things together in the second paragraph. In this case, the rate of return on investment in your email marketing will be significant.

How to measure the results of email marketing campaigns?

Given the above, it is not bad to mention the factors and criteria that show the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and determine how much our email marketing affects the business process. These criteria are different, but they can all reflect the effectiveness of the marketing method. Some of these criteria are:

Email marketing rate

This rate indicates how many emails we have sent have been opened and how many have been deleted without being read. This rate is defined as the “ratio of the number of emails opened to the number of emails sent during the advertising campaign”.

Email Marketing Click through rate

This criterion is considered according to the “ratio of the number of clicks made to the number of messages delivered to users”. In fact, its definition is as an equation shown in the image below.

Targeted email Marketing — Rates Unsubscribe

This metric shows how many users have deleted their subscription from your business or blog in a given period of time. The mathematical definition of this rate is calculated as “the ratio of the number of people who have deleted the subscription to the number of messages delivered” and its formula is as follows:

The conversion rate reflects the conversion rate of visitors and audiences to customers for a business and is a precise measure of email marketing evaluation. The conversion rate calculation equation is as follows: “The ratio of the number of conversions made to the number of emails delivered” is calculated:

Targeted email marketing and Rate jump — bounce rate

With this rate, you have a good benchmark to check the quality of your email available, the higher the quality of your email, the lower the bounce rate will naturally be. To calculate this criterion, the following formula is used, which calculates the “ratio of the number of jumps to the number of emails delivered”:

Each of these criteria can have several explicit and implicit meanings, the analysis of which depends on your art and the extent to which you have mastered email marketing.

last word

In this article, we tried to examine email marketing from different angles and show the result of its use in different businesses. We also mentioned some global statistics published on reputable sites that have done research on email marketing results and achievements. Finally, we looked at free email marketing and cheap email marketing ads and showed why we use it in some businesses. Finally, we looked at different ways to improve email opening rates.

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