How Much Money Does a Website Make From Advertising?

Do you want to make money through your website but do not know which of the available methods and strategies will be most effective? In this article, we want to teach you the top 10 techniques of monetization through the website.

How Much Money Does a Website Make from Advertising?

Well, first of all, it depends on which methods of earning money you use and which criteria you choose. We will deal with it in the next part of this article. For now, here’s a comprehensive look at how to monetize website traffic. Finally, you can choose a strategy or strategies that fit your budget, goals, and site type, and you can start making money while generating content based on clicks and conversions to customers. you can learn from this link, as we stated before, is much less expensive and time savings for boost your business with real leads and visitors.

Let’s begin.

How To Make Money From A Website

Publishers work hard to make their websites attractive and full of content, so-called click-through content. You definitely do not want the content you create to be just for the beauty of your website.

You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. This is because if you advertise through your website, more people will trust those ads and as a result, they will click more.

Here are some ways to make money from the website:

1- Ads per click

SEO your site to increase your visitors through Google traffic so that you can earn money through click ads. Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are a popular strategy for sites with high web traffic. In this method, you are usually paid as the publisher of those ads based on each click on the advertiser. But how do we plan for these ads? You can sign up for advertising companies, which pay for each click on their ads.

But how do we get Google’s favorite apps for the content we’re going to produce?

Publishers often use keyword research platforms such as SEMrush and SpyFu to find the right keywords for their audience.

2 — Advertising mirrors or Native

Matched ads often integrate seamlessly with the content of the website itself, and this builds more trust in that type of advertising, resulting in higher click-through rates and improved ad quality.

Now how can we use the same ads on our site?

The first way: we can go to advertisers whose business is relevant to your topic.

The second way is to go to advertising companies that have a number of advertisers and an interface platform that can connect advertisers to you based on our topic.

Why is matched advertising important?

As ad content grows and users get bogged down in intrusive ads such as pop-up and banner ads, publishers are looking for new ways to deliver ad content so they can both retain their users and continue to satisfy advertisers.

In identical advertising, publishers use this type of advertising to monetize their websites with personalized advertising content that does not disrupt the user experience.

Is matched advertising effective?

According to the information available, the advertisers in Moz have spent more than $100 for the same advertisements. is an ad platform in the advertising industry that connects advertisers with topics related to your site to increase the effectiveness of your ads in addition to maintaining your quality.

Publishers control their ads using keyword filters, category selection, and blocking. To track the performance of their matching ads, they track transparent metrics such as revenue per visit and can optimize campaigns for continued engagement.

3- Video ads

Video advertising is an attractive type of advertising that engages visitors to your site.

What is video advertising?

Publishers can place related ad-related videos and teasers on their website, just as they can put identical ad content on their site.

For example, you must have seen the video teasers that are displayed before or when the main video of the site is playing. This advertising method is more suitable for websites that produce video content and can work with advertisers based on various parameters.

Publishers sell video ads at full cost per view (CPCV) or cost per thousand views (CPM). They help advertisers reach the right audience with content that appeals to their viewers and is consistent with their behavior.

How effective are video ads?

In a video advertising agency, more than 1 billion views are generated among Iranian audiences and can increase 70% of viewership. Advertisers pay you when they display their ads.

4- Selling advertising space

Publishers can sell advertising space on their websites to maximize revenue from their sites.

What is the sale of advertising space on the website?

In fact, publishers lease part of their site to a business for a period of time and receive a fee in return.

In this method, the parties agree on the content of the show as a banner or quasi-identical. But the most common way to sell advertising space is to sell banner ads.

5- Affiliate Marketing

Some publishers join affiliate marketing platforms to earn money by constantly visiting their websites.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is actually a form of monetization in which you, as the publisher, share in some of the advertiser’s profits. In this method, the publisher’s site receives a commission from the advertiser by advertising the advertiser’s products and services in exchange for the sale made through the publisher’s site.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Make Money?

Publishers usually charge a fee for each customer purchase. It may also charge a fee for each click and interaction that the user creates with the destination site.

6- Donation-based revenue generation

Some publishers ask readers for help as an alternative to advertising.

What is donation-based revenue generation?

Many publishers create content, for free or for entertainment. If they have loyal fans and regular visitors, they may set up a financial aid system.

In this way, the website in question puts a payment gateway on its site for support and support so that visitors, if satisfied, pay an amount as support or gift to the site owner.

For example, one of the most popular file download sites in Iran generates revenue through its site by focusing on payment as financial support.

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