Can You Buy Social Traffic?

Can You Buy Social Media Traffic to your Website?

The main purpose of social media is communication between people in equal conditions. There is no better place to reach your target audience. Buy social traffic and get more users and the better your relationship with them, the more traffic.

Increase site traffic through social media

Social media is one of the best digital marketing channels, especially in the last few years. In social media, you can easily attract attention and get followers with techniques.

Here are some social media tips.

Increase site visits through Instagram

Due to the filtering of Facebook and Twitter social networks and the popular Telegram messenger, the Instagram social network has received so much attention from Iranian users that it is said that there are about 50 million active Iranian accounts in this social network, so you can Acting on this social network can help you increase your site Instagram traffic.

Increase site visits via YouTube

In recent years, users have become more popular with video content, so in addition to producing textual content on your website, you must also use the video format.

Increase site traffic via Twitter

We all know Twitter as short but effective sentences, sometimes we have seen that a simple tweet can be retweeted several thousand times in less than 24 hours and many people can share it.

Increase site visits through LinkedIn

Experience suggests that the life of content on LinkedIn can be more than 2 days, which means that if you publish a post or article on LinkedIn, it will most likely be exposed to your contacts or connections within the next two days.

  • Mental trust: Many people believe that Google’s initial results can be trusted and that websites that rank well in the results are more reliable. Although this mental belief is wrong and the credibility of an online store has nothing to do with Google search results, but because some users still believe this, it can be said that SEO is more useful than other methods of increasing site traffic.
  • SEO is more stable: It is true that SEO is slow and does not yield results easily, but on the other hand, when a site comes up in search results, it has high stability and receives input from Google from various terms that have been SEO for years.
  • Increasing Alexa Rank: Although Alexa ranking is not an accurate and valid criterion at all and it cannot be said that the website that has a lower Alexa rank has a higher number of visitors, but in the minds of many people, a low Alexa rank is still considered a criterion and value. And this way they can put a higher price on their website.
  • The first method of GSN: This method, which stands for Google Search Network, is a method of advertising in Google that you can get the best position to display in Google (impression) for a fee per click (PPC) in phrases. Getting the best position to display on Google with Google Ads has its own complexities and has parameters such as daily advertising budget, cost per click for advertising, and competitors that go to Google Ads, and…. it depends. It should be noted that at the time of writing this article, due to the Google group and sanctions on COM domains, this ad model is not possible.
  • The second method of GDN: This method, which stands for Google Display Network, allows you to place banner ads on sites that are parties to the Google contract for a fee and bring visitors to your site. Well, of course, this possibility is inactive for us Iranians due to sanctions, and we can only use GSN model ads.



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