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When it comes to targeted email marketing the word influencer (or influencer) is very much heard. But what about the word “affiliate”? So far, this concept seems to have not been addressed as it should, or at least as an “ influencer”. The truth is that marketing in both styles is a great way to educate and guide the target audience and turn them into customers.

There is actually no law to force one of the above methods and both tactics can always be used simultaneously but given the differences between the two approaches and goals, usually depending on the circumstances and goals, Businesses are focusing on one of the two at different times.

What is Influencer marketing or marketing to influencers?

This style of marketing is about “ partnering with influencers and promoting products and services with their help. “Influencer marketing is a good way to increase product recognition and sales over a short period of time. Influencer- style marketing will be less advertising-friendly, so your followers will be more likely to respond positively to their favorite people. By 2021, there will be about 3 billion users on social media, reflecting the potential of social media traffic to attract customers. To see whether an advertising campaign to help people effect the transition will be effective in promoting your business can use the following technique:

  • If you see an unprecedented increase in Flavor after running the campaign, it means your ad campaign is driving new followers to your business.

So, see “Has the increase in the number of attendees per day increased before the campaign started?”

  • Magnify the amount of interactions! See “Did you increase the number of comments you received?”

Research whether or not you have had a significant increase in the number of comments, likes, shares, and clicks you have in the past.

Social media often provides you with a variety of management and statistical tools to gauge how effective your activities are.

  • Targeted Web Traffic. Successful campaigns will drive traffic to specific pages of your site. (Like sales page
  • If you have a newsletter or site subscription form in your store, check if the number of new subscriptions has increased over the course of the campaign run.

Increasing and improving the scales above all indicate that your campaign is running successfully.

How does an affiliate marketing system work?

Affiliate marketing promotes products on other websites, not business sites.

That way, the site where the ad is displayed will receive a small percentage of the sales or service profit.

Unlike influencer marketing on the impact of the transition has focus, this style of marketing on blogs, sites, online publishing companies and the impact of the transition has focus. The purpose of this marketing is to increase revenue and sales by offering discounts, auctions and special offers.

A sales partnership system is usually implemented with the help of several businesses to ensure the desired result and customer attraction in the shortest possible time.

One of the benefits of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to do a lot of extensive research to find the right places to advertise as many tools like Share A Sale, Flex Offers , etc.. familiarize you with other businesses related to your business. So you can make sure that your ads are only displayed on reputable sites and on the other hand manage your payments with these tools.

To review the results of this marketing style:

  • Compare the average value of orders compared to pre-marketing.

Check if visitors are purchasing multiple products. Also see if the number of downloads of special content and subscription to your newsletter has increased.


See the following table to help you understand the differences between these two marketing styles: main factors in choosing the right style for your business can influence the transition and are important:

Goals — Audiences — Costs

Due to the fact that the above three factors change over time, there is no need to limit yourself to one of these styles, and you can choose different styles based on these 3 factors at different times. Here are some practical ways to examine all three factors to choose the most appropriate marketing style:


If you intend to:

  • Special Offer
  • Promote one of your specific products
  • Creating a passion for users to participate in a campaign or festival you plan to organize soon,

Use influencer marketing.

The key to success in this style of marketing is to get influencers who your products are accepted and supported and do not promote your competitors’ products.

On the other hand, if you are aiming for one or more of the following, we suggest using affiliate marketing.

  • Advertise products or services
  • Attract customers for purchases, special offers and discounts

This site is not an online store but the only blog that publishes content related to healthy lifestyle, health and wellness.

The site has dedicated sites to promoting health-related products and has generated a good revenue stream by receiving a percentage of the sales profits of the products it has promoted.

Influencer Marketing

This style of marketing is very effective in social media.

Since the first step in implementing this technique is identifying the best and most appropriate social media (based on your audience’s features and whereabouts), focusing on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are a few examples. Here’s a look at successful marketing in these media:


When working with an influencer with a broad audience, make sure you have the right CTA.

Buy Instagram traffic and Audiences interact on the Like and Comment form on Instagram. But your goal Business Page Likes and comments on the impact of the transition, but you’re going through this person, the audience on the page or navigate your site. Instead of asking the influencer to display the product and name it, give him a discount code to publish it on his page.



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Targeted Web Traffic

Targeted Web Traffic is a Prominent Premium Service to help, Increase Website Traffic in small businesses. get results with