32 Money Making Ideas To Converting Clicks To Sales

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Well, surely, like thousands of others, you are now looking for a way to make money. But what idea, job, or business is making money? The answer to this question is very important because we are going to devote all our time and money to an idea to make a good profit.

Which money-making idea is right for you or will make you more money depends on you and dozens of other factors? We cannot say which idea or job is best for you or guarantee that you will succeed. In this list, we will only introduce you to ideas and opportunities for you to choose according to your circumstances.

We hope you find these ideas useful. If you have an idea, be sure to write to us in the comments section.

1. Online tutor

The absence of schools during the Corona outbreak proved to everyone that it is possible to teach and learn a whole new thing without a classroom, a desk, and a blackboard.

In a world where having a mobile phone is enough to attend classes, then anyone can become a tutor. Anyone with skills or expertise can teach anything they know. Learn a little bit about teaching skills and learn how to express your knowledge in simple language.

If you know English or any other popular language or you know school and university lessons like math, you can easily make money by teaching these skills.

You can use educational platforms such as or set up your own online class with software such as Skype, Zoom, etc.

2. Sales of training courses

If you are not in the mood for online classes and do not want to spend hours with students every day, you can make your own video courses and sell them.

Do not worry about copying videos, because with software such as Spotlight Player, you can assign a license to each customer.

All you have to do is set up a website, engage in social media, and advertise your courses. Courses can be about anything and anything.

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3. Logo design

Are you a creative designer who understands symbols well? So, design logos for companies or products.

Logo design is a good money-making idea for people who are interested in design and understand the different design styles and concepts behind the symbols.

Display your portfolio to find new customers. You can use sites like dribble, Instagram, etc. to display portfolios.

4. Production of parts and objects with a 3D printer

3D printers print each model and pattern in 3D. The technology of these devices has advanced to such an extent that now anyone with a little technical knowledge can work with these devices.

When you have a 3D printer, you can make all kinds of art objects, applications, or even spare parts.

5. Content producer

Content means the article you are reading, the Instagram posts you liked a few minutes ago, or the podcast you listened to a few days ago.

All of these types of content are created by individuals. These people are the producers of the content. You too can start producing content if you have skills in writing, translating, designing, editing video and audio.

Learning to produce content is not that difficult. You can learn everything you need with the comprehensive content production course of the new academy.

6. Stock exchange portfolio

Investing in the stock market requires up-to-date information, market analysis skills, and the use of various tools.

Many people who want to enter the stock market are not willing to accept the risks due to lack of time or unfamiliarity with this market. For this reason, individuals or companies have taken on this role as portfolios. That is, they give the authority to buy and sell and manage shares to a person who has high experience and expertise.

If you understand the Iranian stock market or even foreign stock exchanges well and know how to make profitable trades, the idea of ​​a portfolio job is a money-making idea for you.

7. Photography

Photographers say that anyone who presses the shutter button thinks they are a photographer.

Honestly, professional photography is not an easy task. There are many things you can do if you choose photography as a way to make money online. Consider a few:

  • Product photography for online stores and manufacturers
  • Food photography for restaurants, advertising centers, and …
  • Photography of clothing models for manufacturers, clothing designers, and …
  • Bridal photography
  • And…

All of these subjects and works require a professional photographer. All you have to do is get a good camera and start shooting. Rest assured that if your photos are good enough, you will quickly earn a decent income.

The Internet is also a great platform for displaying portfolios and finding new customers.

8. Family, education, and marriage counseling

During our studies, we needed someone to show us the way and the well. We went through school and needed someone to guide us again to start a family and get married so that we would not go in the wrong direction.

Imagine, all these people need advice!

In today’s world of the internet, you do not need to have a consulting office to make money.

There are dozens of different ways to communicate with consulting clients. Some platforms are dedicated to this work and after registering, along with hundreds of other consultants, you will be offered to people in need of counseling.

Either way, you can find more clients by branding and even form a consulting team.

9. Affiliate marketing or sales collaboration

Affiliate marketing means helping others sell goods or services to get paid.

For example, on your site, you introduce the products of a large store such as LinkedIn and direct users to the product page with a dedicated link. You will receive a commission for each purchase that these referred users make.

The purchase may not happen at the moment, but if the user returns to the site in a short period of time in the future and completes his purchase, you will still receive a commission.

Affiliate marketing is suitable for people who have a high-traffic site and can direct users to the seller’s site by displaying product advertisements or producing related content.

10. Graphic designer and production of visual content

Until now, you may have thought that graphic designers must work for an art or advertising company. There are many freelance graphic designers currently designing content for multiple companies or employers at home.

If you are familiar with Photoshop design and vector design such as Illustrator, you can find many visual content design and production projects.

11. Answering machine

Gone are the days when secretaries just had a desk in the back of the manager’s room. Now you can have the same job anywhere with just one phone, cell phone and computer.

They are intermediary platforms that enable telecommuting for secretaries and telephone support operators.

Of course, anyone can implement this idea independently and without the need for intermediary platforms.

12. Build a mobile application

Programming is a relatively popular and lucrative job, but only if you use your expertise and skills in the right way.

Once you know to program, you can work for a company, become a freelancer who accepts projects, or even build your own application.

It is enough to have a good idea and put it into practice. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.

13. UI / UX design

User Experience, or UX for short, includes a user’s behaviors, attitudes, and feelings about using a particular product, system, or service. That is, in human-computer interaction, there are practical aspects and valuable and meaningful experiences for the user that affect him emotionally and change his feelings.

It was a little complicated, wasn’t it? So let’s make it a little simpler.

User experience User feedback when using your products or services; In other words, how does the user feel and think when they use your product? For example, you can design the buying process so that the customer is very satisfied and comes to your site again to buy, or you can do something that he regrets buying in the middle of the purchase and no longer enters your site. These steps and the feeling of satisfaction or any other feeling that results from using the product are related to the user experience.

Part of this process has to do with what we see on the surface. That is the same user interface. When we talk about the appearance of the site, we mean the user interface (UI). The user interface, as its name implies, is the interface between the user and the product or system; The appearance or anything the user sees on your site and interacts with your digital product or service; Includes images, colors, sizes, spacing, coordination between texts, charts, buttons, modules, tables, and videos, all in the area of ​​user interface design.

In fact, UI design focuses on the user’s visual experience and determines how a user interacts with your application, software game, or site through an interface. Or how it goes from point to point through visual touchpoints (clicking a button or taking a photo).

For a product or site to appeal to the audience, in addition to being easy to work with (UX), it must also have a beautiful design (UI).

UI and UX design are two lucrative and attractive jobs. These two specialties are needed in designing any site or application.

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14. Buy and sell internet domains

Internet domains are registered for a period of one to several years. If a domain has not been registered and purchased yet, you can easily register it at normal costs, which is normal. But if someone else has registered the domain and you need the same domain, you will have to pay any price for it.

It is interesting to know that many people buy domains with good names sooner than others and then put them up for sale.

This is a money-making idea, but you should register enough domains with great emails and also wait for customers to find your domains.

We have two articles on registering and buying and selling internet domains that can be useful for you. “ Expired Shopping Tutorial “ and “ How To Convert Traffic Into Leads “ are good guides to getting to know online domains.

15. blogging

Making money from blogging is one of those things that you may have to spend a few years of your time and money on creating a blog, but when your blog traffic increases, you will earn a good income.

There are many ways to monetize a popular blog. Advertising, reporting, commission marketing, product sales, etc. are some of the main ways to monetize blogging.

16. Internet research

Does your head hurt to search and study? Do you enjoy constant research? There are hundreds of students who need someone to research them.

17. Make a podcast

If you do not know what a podcast means, then surely the article “ What is a podcast ?” Read on to the new blog.

Currently, several the USApodcasts receive advertising orders from large companies. All you need to create and publish a podcast is equipment such as a good microphone and then audio editing skills.

Choose an interesting and popular topic such as music, football, or story and create a podcast.

18. SEO

SEO means optimizing a website to rank in Google search results.

As the competition between online businesses grows, SEO becomes a more serious and profitable specialty.

Making money from SEO requires continuous learning and gaining experience. You can start with small websites or even your own site and gradually embrace larger projects.

How much you earn from SEO depends entirely on the level of expertise and track record of your successful projects.

19. Become an influencer

Someone gets 5 million ads for each story!

We have heard these sentences many times and it has occurred to us to become an influencer like these people, but we did not take a step!

If you want to make money like that, then you have to create engaging content for millions of social media users, interact with them.

Influencers work in the fields of education, entertainment, humor, product reviews, poetry and literature, cinema, etc., and the more followers they have, the more they will earn from advertising.

20. Advertising management

Advertising has many different shapes and models. Google Ads, click-through ads, banners, influencers, etc.

Every business that constantly needs advertising, definitely needs someone to manage its advertising. This management includes implementation, optimization, budgeting, reporting feedback, and efforts to increase conversion rates.

An advertising manager can work independently for advertising agencies and their clients. These people usually get paid as a percentage of sales or for contracts for what they do.

A break between ideas! :)

Wait here! We have listed half of the ideas that can be implemented on the Internet, But having an internet presence and starting an internet business has its own principles and techniques. You need to know how to use this space to grow your business.

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21. Video editor

Video is one of the most popular content formats in the world. From 15-second short videos to multi-hour documentaries.

Video content production has become a necessity for businesses, online stores, etc. You need a computer with strong hardware and expertise in Adobe Premiere and After Effects, software to get started.

22. Digital currency extraction

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Atrium have become so popular over the past few years that they are now traded in some physical stores alongside other national currencies.

Digital currencies are generated through a process called extraction. That is, computers or devices are connected to the blockchain network of these currencies and extract digital currency in partnership with each other. Extractors configure and set up only devices and software; The rest of the work is done automatically and around the clock.

The more extraction machines you install, the more you earn. There is no doubt that this idea is money-making, but it requires a relatively high investment cost, calculating the cost of electricity consumption, and having technical knowledge in this field.

23. Resume and cover letter design

Having a resume is essential to get hired, accepted to university, accepted a project, or anywhere else you need to introduce yourself well.

Writing this request correctly is so sensitive and important that many people prefer an expert. When it comes to admission to a foreign university, it is clear that having a cover letter is crucial.

The points that must be observed in these requests can be found by searching and even from the experiences of people in the forums. If you have experience in this, you can do it for others and create an online source of income for yourself.

24. Webmaster

Managing websites requires technical knowledge in various fields as well as continuous learning. Most business owners who go from traditional sales to online sales do not have this technical knowledge and also need people to manage their site to do so.

This person can have a job title such as webmaster, digital marketer, or webmaster.

The website of a small business can be managed by one person alone, and the more workload there is, the greater the need for ancillary staff.

25. Buy and sell books ‌

Do you leave the book in the library after reading it? You can sell books that become home decor libraries or textbooks that are never used.

You can start a business and sell unused books to people in need. Startups and people are doing this right now, but the market is so big that there is still room for improvement.

26. Translation

The translation is a lovable job that has been around for a long time, and although online translation tools have proliferated, it has not disappeared and will not soon disappear.

If you know another language, you can be sure that there are people who need to translate texts, audio files, videos, and even live chats.

Many translators are working in the world of content production. They produce content or other languages ​​only with translation and a few changes.

27. Website ready template design

WordPress-based websites use ready-made templates. Other content management systems (CMS) use built-in templates in the same way.

These templates are usually created by individuals or teams. If you know Front End design or have a hand in UI design, you can participate in creating these templates. The more your templates sell, the more you earn.

28. Data analysis

Big data that is seemingly useless can be a source of valuable information. This data, known as big data, is used by large businesses to find valuable information.

Something must be done about this data so that information can be obtained from it or converted into useful data.

The set of things that are done on data to discover patterns in it is called data mining.

Data mining is an interdisciplinary knowledge and skill and therefore few people go to it. If you are interested in data and complex calculations, you can start your own data mining services company.

29. Get YouTube

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world. People who produce video content on this platform are called YouTubers. The most famous YouTubers in the world earn millions of dollars.

By generating video content on YouTube, you can make money from your advertising system on YouTube, accept ads yourself, or sell your own product.

You may think that producing video content is a hassle, But many tips and tricks make your job easier; You can even make your own videos with a smartphone and edit them very professionally. On the “ Video Content Production Tutorial “ page, you can learn all these tutorials for free and become a professional.

30. Campaign Manager

Continuous and targeted advertising processes performed by businesses are called campaigns. These campaigns are usually run simultaneously in the context of click-through advertising, banner advertising, social media, websites, email, and SMS.

It is possible to run a campaign for a candidate or to launch a new product; The person who runs and manages this campaign is the campaign manager or the so-called campaign manager.

Executing these campaigns requires knowledge of different types of advertising channels and the ability to design and execute campaign steps.

Some businesses do not have a permanent advertising campaign and therefore outsource their campaigns. You can run these campaigns for free.

31. Online shop

There is almost nothing that cannot be sold on the Internet.

You want to be a salesperson, but you are thinking about how to set up an online store without renting a shop, spending money, and running after licenses.

With facilities such as ready-made stores, payment, and product delivery services, setting up an online store takes less than a few days.

32. Social network management

Managing social media alone can be a skill and a specialty.

How, when, and with what descriptions you post and how you respond to comments or messages is all summed up in social traffic to your website and media management. As businesses grow, so does the need for someone to manage only social media.

If you are not interested in creating content for social networks, you can learn content management skills and make money from it.

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