32 Money Making Ideas To Converting Clicks To Sales

1. Online tutor

The absence of schools during the Corona outbreak proved to everyone that it is possible to teach and learn a whole new thing without a classroom, a desk, and a blackboard.

2. Sales of training courses

If you are not in the mood for online classes and do not want to spend hours with students every day, you can make your own video courses and sell them.

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3. Logo design

Are you a creative designer who understands symbols well? So, design logos for companies or products.

4. Production of parts and objects with a 3D printer

3D printers print each model and pattern in 3D. The technology of these devices has advanced to such an extent that now anyone with a little technical knowledge can work with these devices.

5. Content producer

Content means the article you are reading, the Instagram posts you liked a few minutes ago, or the podcast you listened to a few days ago.

6. Stock exchange portfolio

Investing in the stock market requires up-to-date information, market analysis skills, and the use of various tools.

7. Photography

Photographers say that anyone who presses the shutter button thinks they are a photographer.

  • Product photography for online stores and manufacturers
  • Food photography for restaurants, advertising centers, and …
  • Photography of clothing models for manufacturers, clothing designers, and …
  • Bridal photography
  • And…

8. Family, education, and marriage counseling

During our studies, we needed someone to show us the way and the well. We went through school and needed someone to guide us again to start a family and get married so that we would not go in the wrong direction.

9. Affiliate marketing or sales collaboration

Affiliate marketing means helping others sell goods or services to get paid.

10. Graphic designer and production of visual content

Until now, you may have thought that graphic designers must work for an art or advertising company. There are many freelance graphic designers currently designing content for multiple companies or employers at home.

11. Answering machine

Gone are the days when secretaries just had a desk in the back of the manager’s room. Now you can have the same job anywhere with just one phone, cell phone and computer.

12. Build a mobile application

Programming is a relatively popular and lucrative job, but only if you use your expertise and skills in the right way.

13. UI / UX design

User Experience, or UX for short, includes a user’s behaviors, attitudes, and feelings about using a particular product, system, or service. That is, in human-computer interaction, there are practical aspects and valuable and meaningful experiences for the user that affect him emotionally and change his feelings.

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14. Buy and sell internet domains

Internet domains are registered for a period of one to several years. If a domain has not been registered and purchased yet, you can easily register it at normal costs, which is normal. But if someone else has registered the domain and you need the same domain, you will have to pay any price for it.

15. blogging

Making money from blogging is one of those things that you may have to spend a few years of your time and money on creating a blog, but when your blog traffic increases, you will earn a good income.

16. Internet research

Does your head hurt to search and study? Do you enjoy constant research? There are hundreds of students who need someone to research them.

18. SEO

SEO means optimizing a website to rank in Google search results.

19. Become an influencer

Someone gets 5 million ads for each story!

21. Video editor

Video is one of the most popular content formats in the world. From 15-second short videos to multi-hour documentaries.

30. Campaign Manager

Continuous and targeted advertising processes performed by businesses are called campaigns. These campaigns are usually run simultaneously in the context of click-through advertising, banner advertising, social media, websites, email, and SMS.

32. Social network management

Managing social media alone can be a skill and a specialty.



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